Jean-Baptiste Marty / Photo credits: Henrique Campos / Hans Lucas / Hans Lucas via AFP 06:57, September 27, 2023

On the sidelines of a march against police violence, a police car was attacked Saturday in Paris. A minor and an adult, suspected of being involved in the attack on this car, were arrested. The 24-year-old was released, placed under judicial control, pending his trial on 2 November.

Arrested by the BRAV-M on the sidelines of a demonstration organized in Paris last weekend, a 24-year-old was released, under judicial control, pending his trial postponed to November 2. He is suspected of having participated in the attack on a police car.

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A 24-year-old young man

Crumpled purple T-shirt, blond and short hair... Mickaël G. enters the box of the accused. With his eyes circled, he appears tired after his 48 hours in custody. Standing, his eyebrows furrowed, he stares at the police officers in the room, those who were in the car on Saturday. In the courtroom, three of the four police officers who were in the car at the time of the incident appeared in court. Faced with one of their alleged attackers, they still appear shocked.

After a reminder of the facts, the president paints the portrait of the suspect: "You are 24 years old, you live with your mother in Chènevière, you are currently training to work in a fast-food restaurant," she lists. She continues and highlights a difficult childhood. The respondent has not heard from his father for 12 years.

Released under judicial supervision

Without the study of the case beginning, the suspect's lawyer requests a postponement of the trial. A request accepted. The prosecutor requested a pre-trial detention but to everyone's surprise, Mickaël G. was released, under judicial control, pending his trial next November.

The police say they are stunned and do not understand this judicial decision.