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A 3-year-old girl died in the night from Saturday to Sunday after alleged violence by her mother and stepfather. This Tuesday, the director of the school where the girl was schooled was suspended "as a precautionary measure". The Rectorate decided to conduct an administrative investigation.

The director of the school where was schooled a 3-year-old girl who died in the night from Saturday to Sunday, after alleged violence from her mother and stepfather, was suspended "as a precautionary measure", announced Tuesday the rectorate. "The rectorate of the academy of Normandy has decided to suspend the director of the nursery school as a precautionary measure and to conduct an administrative investigation to shed light on the chain of reporting of the facts by the services of the National Education," said the rectorate in a statement.

Multiple hematomas of different ages

According to the prosecutor of Evreux Rémi Coutin, the girl, whose mother and stepfather were indicted for murder of a minor and placed in pre-trial detention, "was absent from school all the week before the facts". The emergency services were alerted in the night from Saturday to Sunday by the parents of the girl, who died after arriving at the University Hospital of Rouen at 1:53 am. She had multiple bruises of different ages on "the face, all four limbs, the chest, the back".

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"The investigating judge will question the fact that the situation of this little girl, victim of regular violence, has not been reported. Neither the prosecutor's office, nor the gendarmerie nor the child welfare services had been informed," said Rémi Coutin. The six-year-old older brother was present on the night of the incident and was also subjected to violence. It has been placed in the care of child welfare services. The rectorate specified that a psychological listening cell was made available to students and adults at the nursery school of Conches-en-Ouche (Eure), where the girl was schooled in the middle section. "Faced with this terrible tragedy, the rector Christine Gavini expresses her great emotion and expresses her immense sadness," added the rectorate.