Mélina Facchin (correspondent in Alsace) / Photo credit: PATRICK HERTZOG / AFP 14:19 pm, September 26, 2023

Lina, 15, has not given any sign of life since Saturday, late morning, when joining the station of Saint-Blaise-la-Roche to go to Strasbourg. A new citizen campaign was organized this Tuesday morning and gathered even more people than the day before.

In the vicinity of Saint-Blaise-la-Roche, almost everyone is working to find the trace of Lina, 15 years old. This teenager has not given any sign of life since Saturday late morning when she had to take a train in this town of the Haut-Rhin to reach Strasbourg. On Monday, a first citizen beating took place, bringing together a hundred people. And, this Tuesday morning, 380 residents of the area, friends, neighbors of Lina, took part.

A total of six search areas were swept in this mountainside region. Some explored steep terrain, others the surrounding fields or the banks of streams, all under the command of the gendarmes. "We look for everything that is clothing, purse, traces of blood, phone. But also traces of struggle, broken branches, the branch that has been moved ...", lists one of them.

"You can get lost easily when you're not used to it"

Élodie, who lives in Plaine, in the same town as Lina, believes that a car accident in the forest is not to be excluded, although no track is privileged for the moment. "Two cars can't cross each other. There is the road and then there are either ditches, the forest, marshy construction sites, especially with the weather we have at the moment, Saturday morning, it rained. If you get off the beaten track, you can get lost easily when you are not used to it. I'm a mom of a little boy and we can't help but do a screening, so we're here, in support," she says.


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The excavations are finished for Tuesday and the different groups began to return around 13:15 p.m. At 17 p.m., the prosecutor of Saverne will hold her first press briefing in this case.