Dagmar Klingelhöller keeps 1300 sows, each giving birth to an average of 12 to 14 piglets twice a year. With its farm in Lower Saxony and Schleswig-Holstein, it is doing what has long been politically wanted: efficient animal husbandry at low prices for consumers.

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An average of 12 to 14 piglets are thrown by a sow in Dagmar Klingelhöller's barn

Photo: Christian Charisius / picture alliance / dpa

To this end, she has rebuilt her barn in recent years, and now renovations are just around the corner again in order to comply with new animal welfare laws. On top of that, there is climate protection. How can animal husbandry, which accounts for half of the emissions in the agricultural sector, become more climate-friendly? Where will the money come from when production and prices are so tightly calculated? Here's what you can listen to in the podcast:

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