It is not the first time that Santi Millán (Barcelona, 1968) dares to dub animals on the big screen. The TV presenter, actor and comedian already has enough experience in this; In the past it has been a bear, a mouse and even a shark. On this occasion, Millán puts voice in the Spanish version of Vida Perra to Reggie, the dog protagonist of the live-action film for adults that opens in theaters on September 22.

The American comedy tells the adventures of Reggie (with voice in the original version of Will Ferrell), a naïve border terrier who abandons his ruthless owner on the street. There he meets a group of stray dogs who make him see that it has not been a misunderstanding, that his master does not love him, and together they devise a plan to take revenge and make him pay. In the Spanish dubbed version of this hooligan, Millán is accompanied by comedians El Monaguillo, Raúl Cimas and Susi Caramelo.

Is it easy to bend animals? It's fun. And it's not difficult, because you, as an actor, are limited by your physique when it comes to making a character, and the good thing about animation, and specifically about this film where real dogs come out that talk digitized, is that it allows you to explore new fields that would otherwise be impossible. I think the wrong thing to do. When you watch a pet movie, you always think of an infantilized speech or a sweetened story. And here it is just the opposite. It has a transgressive point that breaks with all these films like 'The lady, the tramp'. It's much more raw. It's not a children's movie; How would you convince the adult reader to go see talking dogs? Well, the truth is that I think it will surprise you a lot because, in the end, it will help to visualize pets as what they are, living beings, not as objects. And I think that seeing the world from the vision of the pet also helps you to empathize with them, because many times there are people who fall into that error, not to objectify the animal, but to say "well, just as I buy a vase or I buy a jacket that I like, then I buy this dog that looks beautiful to me". But of course, that requires obligations not only of time, but also affective. And people forget that. I don't have pets because of an act of responsibility, I can't take care of them. But there's also the other part: humanizing animals too much. Has our mind gone with this? I think that in the end, the good thing about animals, especially dogs, is that their love is unconditional and there is nothing that can compete with that. It's wonderful. That does not happen with people, they do not love unconditionally, they always look for something on the other side that also fills them. You leave a dog only a week, you come home and he will receive you super happy. And of course, that's very pleasant. You do that to your partner, your children, a friend and there is always a point of resentment. Sometimes I consider having a dog for that, so that someone will listen to me when I get home (laughs). What do you think of the new animal welfare law? Anything that is to seek the welfare of animals or people seems fine to me. And I think we have to try not to humanize, but to understand that they are animals like us. Maybe not so rational, but beings who feel, suffer, suffer.How do you see Spanish cinema right now? Very varied. And I think it's becoming a more powerful industry. And that is what must be achieved, that it is not a stronghold of a few who do things ... Cinema is an important industry in this country and as such it is very varied and wonderful things are done. I think there is a lot of talent here and in fact we also export a lot of talent abroad. Without going any further, Bayona's latest film, La sociedad de la nieve , is a clear example of what we can do in Spain. I see them as necessary, because leaving everything to the laws of the market is difficult, and because there are things that would not be done directly without the support and it is good that they come out. For nine seasons you have presented the successful program 'Got Talent Spain'. What's the most amazing talent you've seen in the contest these years that you'd like to have? I wish I had them all. And I always say that my greatest talent is to pretend to do things that I don't really know how to do. But I marvel at talented people. and especially the one that does it from passion. Do you have any hidden talents? I try to show all the ones I have (laughs). In fact, I think I've already taught pretty much everything; things of mine have been seen that I would even prefer had not been seen.Is cooking one of them? I'm not bad at cooking, but it's like saying "do you know how to drive?" Yes. I put passion because I believe that food is very important and is a fundamental basis of well-being. That they say that we are what we eat I try to follow it.Do you follow any special diet?No. We are lucky to be in a country where the diet is very varied, with a lot of supply and where we can eat everything and I think it is the key to eat well. To the family. It's for the ones I cook, basically. My wife doesn't eat much, but my kids do. They have an age where they are starting to discover things but they still have manias of whether the onion is not very finite, etc. I like rice and Italian cuisine, I am passionate about risotto and I make a carbonara that does not go badly at all. I would sit with everybody. I think talking to everyone is definitely something we should do, regardless of whether we agree or not. It has a sweet and sour taste. It's like Chinese sauce. It depends on the moment. Just as there are dishes that you really want one day and taste great, and not so much the next day, because the same goes for fame. I like food rather bland and I have always considered myself a person not very salty, I swear. Another thing is when you get in front of the camera and so on. But I, what is my day to day, I am a pretty person, I do not know if bland, but not very spicy. Well, I don't remember. But it is true that social events where there are many people you do not know are increasingly difficult for me, and I feel more and more uncomfortable, not like to turn red, but it is a terrain in which I move less and less. On a stage, no, besides you have to avoid it, because people will notice it. So, whatever shit you do, you have to do it with maximum security, because people can come out saying "how bad it was, but the guy was there to the fullest", and that you can never miss, the attitude.

Santi Millán with his dubbing partners: El Monaguillo (left), Susi Caramelo and Raúl Cimas.

What do you like to spice? I don't like spicy. Nothing. Also, I swear, I don't understand. I don't understand the function of spicy. It kills my palate. Have you ever been given it with cheese? Yes. And I tell you one thing, I like cheese.What keeps your appetite going? Selfishness, little empathy. That closes my stomach. Is the oven for buns in Spanish society these days? Always, always fits one more bun in the oven. You will see, when you think that something can no longer go further, it can no longer be overcome, there is still one more bun. I think it should be love. Love in all its facets, not only romantic, but also the love of empathy, putting yourself in the place of the other, understanding... It is very important and it is also present in the film, regardless of the fact that it is a hooligan, funny and so on. In the end there is a lot of love, even if the relationship between the dog and the master is toxic. I'm not one to ride chickens. I am very aware of Bruce Lee and his famous phrase "Be water, my friend". I try to adapt, which I think is something we've forgotten a lot as a species. Our ability to adapt to any type of climate, situations and conditions is one of the great capacities of the human being and for which we have survived. And we have forgotten that and we are increasingly adapting the environment to feel more comfortable. And it is leading us down a path that seems not to be the good one. The meat, undercooked or to the point? Little done.Why do you lack eggs? For many things. Fear is the Achilles heel we all have. I think we all live with some fear.How is your current relationship with social networks? I have Twitter and Instagram, but I use them little, and I made an account on Tik Tok during the pandemic that suspended me in the second post. The truth is that I am not a person who is comfortable exposing myself, although it may seem otherwise. For my work I am very exposed and a lot is known about me and continue with that in the networks once I get to seclude myself in my environment and others, I do not know, it seems to me an exhibitionism with which I do not feel comfortable. In reality, what interests people in the networks is not the professional, but what is behind, the intimate life, the relationship, the children, the woman. And that's something that's mine, that's private and that I don't feel like sharing. After the controversial leak of your intimate video that went viral, has your way of relating to the public changed, are you now more suspicious, even using the phone? No, not really, and it hasn't conditioned me when it comes to relating to others or understanding how social networks work. It was a surprise that the video leaked, but the subsequent reaction was not. We all know how this works and, for better or worse, everything happens very quickly. And, in the end, we weren't doing anything out of the ordinary either.When was your last toast and why? Recently, for my birthday. I turned 55.