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It is already noon, the current affairs space that is broadcast from Monday to Friday on Telecinco, dedicated much of its delivery on Monday, July 22, to cover the investiture debate. Sonsoles Ónega, host of the program, and her commentators were aware of everything that was happening in the Congress of Deputies, from the speech of Pedro Sánchez to the subsequent statements of other politicians, such as Rafael Hernando or Gabriel Rufián.

The presenter worked for 10 years as a parliamentary reporter for the news services of Telecinco, so at one point she wanted to show her solidarity with reporters, journalists and the rest of her colleagues. He indicated that during these days they will have a difficult task when it comes to telling all the information related to the investiture, after speeches, replies, negotiations and statements. That's when she said, "They're going to make us sweat, huh. We're going to be running down the aisles like blacks, let's go."

It didn't take long for Ónega to realize that he had screwed up with his comment and immediately apologized for it by addressing the camera: "With forgiveness, with forgiveness!" He did not give more importance to his slip and with a smile continued with his work in front of the table of collaborators.

Reactions in the networks

Although Sonsoles Ónega apologized just after making an inappropriate comment on her program, on social networks they did not overlook her words and pointed out what happened as microracism. One user mentioned her on Twitter to ask, "Can you clarify which black people you meant when you said 'run like black'?" Another tweeter commented that a great controversy would have been generated if what the journalist said had been released by another of her colleagues in the chain: "Bertín Osborne says something like that and the one that lights up ...".

The consolidation of It's already noon

It is already noon on June 15 celebrated its first anniversary. The space began as a continuation of El programa de Ana Rosa focused on political issues, but little by little it has ended up including other types of content, with which it has managed to raise its audience and consolidate itself in a strip that had resisted Mediaset. The last half hour of each installment is dedicated to the world of the heart and the 'realities' of Telecinco, within the section Ya es mediodía Fresh.

Sonsoles Ónega will go on vacation this summer and during his absence one of his colleagues in the program will take his place. It will be the journalist Marc Calderó, as confirmed by Yotele. He is one of the reporters of Ya es mediodía and has experience in other news formats, both in Telecinco and Cuatro.

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