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American Airlines plane (symbolic image): The incident involves a U.S. domestic flight on September 2


"Seat broken" is handwritten on the top of two red and white stickers stuck to the underside of a toilet lid. And under the stickers, apparently, a cell phone camera peeks out, presumably from an iPhone. A photo showing this strange construction is currently making the rounds in the US media. It can be seen, for example, at the »New York Post« .

The fact that the photo is causing such a stir is due to the context. It could be proof that a flight attendant tried to secretly capture intimate footage of a teenager. According to media reports, the image was taken on September 2 on a U.S. domestic flight from Charlotte to Boston, by the alleged victim himself.

A male crew member offered the 14-year-old to use a first-class toilet room instead of the toilet intended for her travel class, according to a written statement from the girl's family, who wished to remain anonymous. The flight attendant entered the room before and after her, according to the parents, and told the girl that she could use the toilet despite the stickers.

No lawsuit has yet been filed

The smartphone hidden under the sticker was noticed by the girl, according to the information, after going to the toilet. Before she left the toilet, she took a photo of it with her own phone – apparently this is the picture that is now circulating in the media. According to the New York Post, the girl's mother later visited the toilet room herself after seeing her daughter's photo – at which point the cell phone and stickers had disappeared.

"These events have left our daughter – and the entire family – shocked and deeply disturbed," the parents commented. According to their lawyer, the family has not yet filed a lawsuit against American Airlines.

The flight attendant, who is suspected of having placed the iPhone in the toilet, had been received by police officers after landing. However, nothing is known about an arrest. Meanwhile, the FBI is involved in the incident. However, a spokesman for the authority did not comment on the issue when asked. American Airlines said that the airline is taking the matter very seriously and is fully cooperating with law enforcement in its investigation.