Sandrine Prioul (correspondent in Nantes) / Photo credit: BERNARD JAUBERT / ONLY FRANCE / ONLY FRANCE VIA AFP 14:44 pm, September 19, 2023

The users of the Nantes tramway saw two young people tumble into their train on a moving scooter. If no injuries are to be deplored and that the scene aroused more fear than harm, the two bikers still used air guns. Six windows were smashed.

Great fright for the passengers of a tram in Nantes. Two young people riding a moving scooter burst into the train, causing a wave of panic among users. In the end, no injuries were reported, but the two bikers still used air guns, in this case ball guns, in front of stunned passengers.

"We end up doing extreme things"

Six windows were broken by the shooting of these young people, around 1:30 am in the Bellevue district, often disturbed by incivilities, even news items. The streetcar driver ended his journey and stopped the rodeo. He also took the two scooters out, but, in a tense atmosphere, the two youths pulled out their air guns and began to target the tram again.


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This trivialization of incivility annoys Didier Sauvêtre, driver in Nantes and spokesman for the CFDT. "A youth comes to disrupt public transport in the neighborhoods and as on social networks, we must make the buzz, we come to do extreme things like rodeos in front of a tram. And on the other side there is a little more insecurity and incivility that are added. It's increasingly unsafe for everyone." Incivilities of everyday life, certainly, but which want to be more and more violent, regrets this unionist.