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Northern lights near Kiel: Will the sky be so colorful again?

Photo: IMAGO/Frank Peter

They can be green, pink or yellow – auroras color the night sky colorfully. As a result of a solar storm, auroras could also be seen over Germany on Tuesday night. It is still unclear in which period and in which region this may be the case, said Carolin Liefke of the Association of Star Friends in Heppenheim, Hesse, on Monday.

It is possible that the Northern Lights would only appear during the day on Tuesday and would then not be visible at all. "If in doubt, just take a look at night or early in the morning," advises Liefke. People in the countryside would have the best chance of seeing the spectacle when the sky was clear, while in the bright big cities auroras were less noticeable.

Solar activity has increased in recent months, and more solar storms are emerging. In the north of Germany, therefore, auroras could already be seen in March.