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New Ebay subpage: Users can enter postal codes to filter the listings



Is Ebay now vying for the target group of Kleinanzeigen.de, which used to be called Ebay classifieds? At least one thing is clear: the online marketplace wants to make buying and selling in the neighborhood and in one's own city more attractive. To this end, Ebay increases the visibility and findability of items from the surrounding area, according to the US company. A new subpage called "Ebay Lokal" lists goods that are offered in their own postcode area and a self-defined radius.

From now on, such offers will also appear more prominently on search results pages. The offers can now also be filtered according to the feature "Free pick-up". As a test, a map will be added in a few weeks that shows where in the area the items you are looking for are available.

A pick-up option is now standard

At the end of August, the online marketplace had already made the pick-up option the default setting for private sales in addition to shipping. However, sellers can also opt out of this option. Since March, private sales on Ebay have also been free of charge.

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»Ebay Lokal« is also open to commercial sellers with or without a retail store. However, as with mail order transactions, they have to pay fees for their sales on Ebay.

From now on, Ebay will no longer allow cash payment on collection. The price is bindingly agreed on the portal when the purchase is concluded and paid directly online, so that buyer and seller protection can also take effect. In this way, Ebay wants to differentiate itself from the classic classifieds business, where on-site price negotiations are often just as much a part of it as uncertainties about the actual pick-up or availability of an item.

The handover is documented by QR code scan

The successful handover of an item is documented on »Ebay Lokal« via QR code. The buyer receives this code from Ebay, and the seller must scan it when they pick it up. Only then will the payment be activated for the seller. Ebay itself speaks of a "digital handshake".

Another new feature on Ebay is an indication of how quickly a seller usually responds to inquiries and how long he or she has been selling on the portal. Both information can also be found at Kleinanzeigen.de, which was called Ebay Kleinanzeigen until a few months ago. Ebay had sold the portal to the Norwegian portal operator Adevinta in the summer of 2020. He had finally deleted the "Ebay" part of the name in mid-May and has since been appearing with a new logo as a classifieds or Kleinanzeigen.de.