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As every year, Apple offers iPhone owners to update the operating system of their device. A manipulation made possible a few days after the presentation of the iPhone 15 and which will offer a multitude of new features. Overview of the main new features

It's sort of a chestnut tree at Apple. A news that comes back at regular intervals, in this case every year for the Cupertino firm. A few days after its back-to-school keynote, a major conference during which the new iPhone 15 was presented, the American manufacturer unveiled the outlines of the new update for its smartphones. Called iOS 17, it will be available this Monday in France, around 19pm. And as every year, new features will be proposed.

iOS 17 will be released on Monday, however, these features will not be available at launch

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  • Revolution on standby mode

This is one of the most spectacular new features of iOS 17. Now, thanks to the StandBy feature, your iPhone, charging and positioned on the side, will display a connected screensaver on which will appear various information ranging from the time, to the weather to notifications not consulted. The progress of your order on Uber Eats or the score of a sports event may also be displayed, says Apple on its website.

  • New features on FaceTime

With iOS 17, it will be possible to record a video message to a person who has just missed your call on FaceTime. The application, which allows you to engage in a video chat with relatives or friends, also arrives on the Apple TV. Simply transfer the call from your iPhone to your TV and position the phone against it and make sure that the lens is aimed at you.


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  • Easy contact transfer

Already known to all iPhone owners, the AirDrop feature allows you to transfer a photo or video to another iPhone with a single click. Now, Apple is extending this possibility to contacts. With NameDrop, simply bring your iPhone closer to someone else's to share a phone number or email address.

  • Playing audio messages

If your family or friends are fond of voice messages, they can now be transcribed on the screen. This allows you to know the content without having to put your iPhone to your ear, if you do not have headphones or if your work environment does not facilitate listening to voice messages.

  • Personalized incoming calls

Rather than just a name saved in your contacts, which always appears the same way during an incoming call, Apple now offers to customize the display of the screen when someone tries to reach you. A different font, photo or emojis may appear.


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Note, however, that many iPhones will not be able to benefit from these new features, due to their obsolescence. This will concern the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, marketed between 2015 and 2017, as well as the iPhone X, the first model to abandon the center button. The second-generation iPhone SE as well as the XR, XS and XS Max models are not yet excluded, but may not survive the next major update.