We live in the era of fake. As Rajoy would say: "everything is false, except for something." Something must be up to them in Mexico, when they have decided to turn their Congress into the set of the Fourth Millennium. The number of the presentation of two "mummified bodies of aliens" suspiciously identical to those we have all seen in the movies is one of those that make time.

How have the Mexicans managed to get hold of two extraterrestrial mummies more than a thousand years old and so well preserved? Jordi Cruz explains it to you in this acclaimed revival of Art Attack:

The alien mummies thing has been funny but, without a doubt, the phenomenon of the week in X has been the discovery by @norcoreano of an AI, Rask.AI, in which you insert any video and dub it into any language and with the same voice timbre of its protagonists. Is it the end of the voice acting profession?

Shortly after launching @norcoreano his tweet, thousands of accounts began to post dubbed videos of all kinds, which led to the fall of the app's servers because in two days they had more traffic than in their entire trajectory. Thanks to the beloved leader, the Fary or Cañita Brava are now international. The possibilities are endless.

With a single tweet, @norcoreano has made history again in X. If I were Elon Musk, I would put him on staff.

I leave you with a small selection of the best tweets of these days. There is everything, as in apothecary. Be good.


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