We are used to seeing them rescuing people from the rubble after an earthquake or the collapse of a building, also looking for explosives or drugs or following trails to find the culprits of a murder; But dogs also give their best in the fight against the trafficking of protected species. As in the case of Rick, an 11-year-old Belgian Malinois shepherd, who has just retired after serving in the Congo.

The association Heroes de 4 legas, formed by national police and a group of civilians that seeks to give visibility to the work of the Canine Units of the Security Forces and Corps, is looking for a new home where you can enjoy your more than deserved rest.

Like Holly, a dog who traveled to Spain a few months ago, Rick worked for the Jane Goodall Institute in the Congo, in the Canine Unit for the Detection of Threatened Species. Together with his companions, he was dedicated to looking for animals inside the sacks where they hide them to sell them in the city of Pointe Noire.

Thanks to their skills and that of their companions, they have managed to find and reintroduce into their naturalhabitat animals such asmonkeys, parrots, turtles, crocodiles, antelopes or civets.

In addition, the dogs of this unit are able to detect the ammunitionused by poachers. "When ammunition is found in the car of a hunter who accesses a protected reserve, he can no longer return to the jungle because the 'rangers' confiscate it," they explain from this non-profit organization.

But his work doesn't end there. They also become environmental educators with their simple presence. Seeing these dogs working in protected areas makes many people come to ask and be interested in the work of biodiversity conservation.

For all these reasons and, "after many years protecting nature, Rick deserves to live happily with a family," they add.

Rick with his canine unit mates. The Jane Goodall Institute

At the moment, he is already 'packing' his bags. He will arrive at the end of the month in Spain and, by then, from this association they hope that he will already have a family. Therefore, if you want it to be part of yours you can write to heroesde4patas@hotmail.com and they will inform you of all the procedures to follow.

To find out if Rick could fit into your home, it's important to know that "he gets along very well with females, although he's a bit regular with dominant males." Also that he has never established relationships with cats, so it is not known very well how he would react. Of course, with adults and children he gets along great. "Rick is very affectionate and loves to be around people," in addition to "quiet walks and being outdoors." "He is a very calm and patient dog," they say from this organization that seeks a second life to these heroes without a cape.

Now all that's left is for Rick to find his ideal family. Could it be you?

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