The translation available in American English, English, Spanish, French, Hindi, Italian, German, Polish and Portuguese that HeyGen allows may make it easier to hold international conferences. It nevertheless raises strong concerns among dubbing and translation professionals, as evidenced by the recent creation of the United voices organisation (UVO), which mobilizes with this slogan "do not steal our voices". The "indiscriminate and unregulated" use of artificial intelligence risks extinguishing an "artistic heritage of creativity (...) that machines cannot generate," warns this organization.

Also to watch out for fears of manipulation of images, from the present as well as from the past, belonging to the past. Thus, this video shared by Tristan Mendès-France, in which General de Gaulle, speaks successively French, Italian, Hindi, and Portuguese. The reconstructed movement of his lips makes us believe in period images. Finally, these advances in technology should not discourage us from learning new languages, because appropriating a new language often makes it possible to appropriate a new culture.

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