More than known is the January slope, but the common mortal also suffers another, that of September. The excesses -or not- of the holidays, the return to school ... They often disrupt the domestic budget. However, in this time of "tightening the belt", for one thing or another, you can eat rich, with good raw material and without bursting the credit card. These are the coordinates of the ten gastro addresses that we propose in these pages: international restaurants, food houses, taverns and bars determined to recover the flag of before, whose average price does not exceed 35 euros.

Cod with potatoes to the importance, in LaLopez.


A little over two years ago, Sergio Mayor set up this gastronomic stall in the Antón Martín Market with the idea of "giving good food" to the people of the neighborhood, and in a seen and unseen, it began to fill with customers from other areas. Young and experienced professional (he worked with Abraham García and Paco Roncero and even cooked for the reality show Supervivientes), he bets on the season. Thus, the menu changes every one or two weeks and has about a dozen dishes. "Four or five starters, recipes with meat and fish and always, a stew and rice," says Mayor. These days triumph the gumbo -famous American stew- Cajun style with ochre and prawns and creamy rice with squid; Other days, the stripe with black butter (in season) or some of their usual curries, such as lamb, and the croquettes of talo, tripe and dessert are always a success: a tiramisu that they make at the moment. Good winery, with between 70 and 100 references. Average price: 25 euros; It has tasting menus for 35 and 45 euros. St. Elizabeth, 5.

Monkfish cheeks, in Casa Mortero.


Rarely has a name been better chosen and is that in this cozy restaurant, which is now three years old, you eat like at home and without dismantling the domestic budget. The offer is clear: simple cuisine full of flavor, made with patience and wickers, because if something has Pedro Gallego -its chef and owner, together with Carmen Pereda- is talent and experience. Essential -and kings of the place- are the torreznos, served with potatoes meneás from Salamanca and mashed paprika; the Iberian ham croquettes, crispy on the outside and creamy on the inside, and some mellow tripe with leg, nose and very cured jerky. There is also no shortage of pickles, sweetbreads, monkfish cheeks or duck rice. If you want to pay homage, there are the grilled pixín and the old cow loin, among others. Average price: 35 euros. Zorrilla, 9.

Dim sum, in Hutong.


It has not completed the three years of life and has already made room in the wide range of Asian dining rooms in Madrid. The star recipe is the Peking-style lacquered duck, traditionally made and roasted with firewood from fruit trees. But there's much more here. Among its varied selection of classic Chinese dishes, the recipes with the spicy touch of Sichuan (the crispy chicken in chilli or the beef casseroles with vegetables in broth or sea bass with vegetables and spicy sauce) and dim sum (xialongbao of pork and siu mai) stand out. For meat fans, Hutong's menu ranges from beef rib in pepper sauce to caramelized pork, including nods to Spanish product (Iberian feather lacquered in the oven and Iberian secret with house sauté). Average price: 30 euros. Lagasca, 81.

Fish on your back, at Casa Orellana.


Flavors of always and Andalusian inspiration, good product, tapas, recipes of "take bread and wet" and non-stop hours. These are the pillars of this classic of the neighborhood of Las Salesas that has just reopened its doors after a reform, which includes the inauguration of a quiet terrace. In its menu there is no shortage of dishes with history in the ensign, such as canned rice of Iberian prey, homemade pickled tuna salad, dogfish in marinade or stews. The offer of the weekend and holidays is completed with a brunch -very Andalusian- with sweet and savory proposals, where the star is the muffin (Iberian shoulder, scrambled eggs and salmon benedict). Average price: 25-30 euros. Orellana, 6.

Callos, in Bar H Emblemático.


Hevia's little brother, a classic of Madrid's restoration, pays homage to "the good bars of a lifetime", a return to the tavern origins. Here, as in the mother house, everything revolves around traditional cuisine and good produce. For its wooden and marble bar and for the low tables of the back room pass skewers and rations, but also strong and hearty dishes. What better way to start a meal than with the Russian salad -considered one of the best in Madrid-, continue with the torreznos and their famous tripe or give yourself to the pickles of the house, the rice of the señorito or the meatballs of the veal. In addition, during the week they bet on the homemade dish of the day (stewed potatoes with ribs, lentils, cheeks, honeyed oxtail rice ...). Average price: 35 euros. Castelló, 83.

Eggplant lasagna, at Café Barbieri.


Less than two years ago this centenary establishment in the neighborhood of Lavapiés - a meeting point for several generations of writers, painters, intellectuals, musicians ... - reopened its doors. Without losing the spirit of enjoyment that has always accompanied it, in the gastronomic field it has mutated into an Italian restaurant, guided by tradition and the product brought from the transalpine country. Take note: vitello tonnato, with a powerful anchovy and caper sauce; Eggplant, cheese and tomato lasagna and pasta, either classic (amatricciana, pesto, carbonara, from the garden) or stuffed (tortellini with pumpkin or oxtail stew). The strong point of the offer are its artisanal pizzas of Veronese style (thin and crispy dough), such as burrata and mortadella (fior di latte) and margarita. Average price: 25 euros. Ave Maria, 45.

Roasted rabbit and warm salad of mushrooms, pickled onion, pomegranate and ciliantro, in Nunuka.


We continue in an international key. In this case, with a little-known gastronomy in Madrid: Georgian. In this small bistro in the Chueca neighborhood you can eat delicious, at a reasonable price and always with seasonal products. Nino Kiltava -founder of the restaurant- is determined to transmit her culture: decoratively, with elements reminiscent of her native country, and gastronomic, with fine recipes that taste like Georgia. The summer proposal still works with dishes such as roasted leek meatballs, seasoned with walnut paste and citrus sauce; the cold strawberry soup with strawberry tartare seasoned with mint and lime, accompanied by homemade yogurt ice cream, and the roasted rabbit with butter, saffron and lemon biscuit sauce with mushroom salad (typical dish of a mountainous area). And put to try new things, do not miss the flat bread baked at the moment and filled with cheese and egg yolk or the khinkali, a dough, ravioli type, cooked and with minced meat and broth inside. Average price: 35 euros. Freedom, 13.

Andalusian squid sandwich, in Bareto.


This tavern/food house that started its history in Madrid in December 2021 – in the same place where the mythical Correos brewery, meeting point of the Generation of '27 – was located, already has three premises: the first in Alcalá, the second in Atocha and have just opened in La Moraleja. In all, the argument is identical: recover the spirit of the traditional bars of yesteryear and feed it with anchovies in vinegar, Iberian broth, grilled ear and glass bread, fried foods (Andalusian squid, torreznos, dogfish in adobo, bravas from Madrid ...) and rations (from tripe to octopus, through the carved-cut entrecote). Average price: 20-30 euros. Alcalá, 55.

Roast chicken, in smoke.


If the Lima chef Jhosep Arias, who has spent half his life in Spain, knows anything, it is to set up concepts that work (the Psicomar cevichería; Callao24, dedicated to Creole cuisine; Hasaku, to the Nikkei, and ADN Origen Perú, to the traditional culinary). And what if you do this restaurant that has in the roasted chickens -grilled and grilled- Peruvian style the key to its offer (soon it will open a second headquarters in the capital, in the area of Cuzco). The secret of the recipe, which Arias has been perfecting over time, has to do with a very personal mix of spices and that slow cooking on the grill and without stopping turning, so that it seals on the outside and is juicy on the inside. But Humo is much more than roast chicken; It is also anticucho, sweetbreads, ceviche carretillero, cause of grilled chicken ... Average price: 35 euros. Hermosilla, 73.

Octopus a feira, in Garelos.


In this tavern of modern airs with three spaces in Madrid (the ensign has the Bib Gourmand seal of the Michelin guide for its good value for money) they recreate with art and good product classics of Galician cuisine. Their specialties go through the Betanzos style tortilla, which they serve in two sizes; the empanada with various fillings (eye, to the scallops) and the octopus to feira. Do not miss the squid -grilled or in its ink- and the Sanchón cannon, a family meat recipe that is roasted over low heat for hours. Average price: 32-35 euros. Alcalá, 12 (Food Hall Canalejas Gallery); Blanca de Navarra, 6 and El Españoleto, 11 (Garelos Furancho).