September 15 is the International Day of Garnacha, a variety of Spanish origin, considered the "mother of all grapes" and loved throughout the world for its freshness and fruity expression. To celebrate and, by the way, welcome the change of time, we selected 10 particularly interesting wines to harmonize with the recipes of the season. Grenache of all styles and colors, for which you already want to wear a rebequita.

From left. on the right: Larrosa Negra, La Garnacha Perdida del Pirineo, Vía Edetana Tinto and Castell de Remei Garnatxa.

The Lost Grenache of the Pyrenees

The Garnachas de Vintae Project recovers old vineyards in the Ebro Valley area (Rioja, Aragon and Catalonia) to work them in organic. This lost Grenache is one of the wines that make up the collection. It comes from a unique plot, located in Uncastillo, Zaragoza town of Cinco Villas, 20 km as the crow flies from the Pyrenees, and is so called because it is literally lost in the mountain, surrounded by forest and guarded by an old watchtower. A delicate and complex red, which should be bought two by two. Price: 22.75 euros.

Via Edetana Red

From the heart of Terra Alta, Edetària bets on fine and hairy Grenache in the new vintage of its Via Edetana Tinto. These unique varieties take the place of the syrah and carignan of previous vintages, providing a captivating complexity and an insual freshness. A broad, long and persistent wine, completely balanced and enriched with Mediterranean nuances. Pure addiction in the cup. Price: 15 euros.

Larrosa Negra

After Larrosa Rosé and Larrosa Blanca, Izadi completes his Garnachera trilogy with this red wine that maintains the casual personality of the previous ones and stands out for being fresh, sweet and structured at the same time. The secret lies in the selection of old Grenache and inthe one hundred percent manual work of this winery in the Rioja Alavesa. A wine for all types of palates (and pockets), perfect to accompany the flavors of autumn. Price: 7.90 euros.

Castell de Remei Garnatxa

The first varietal of this winery located in the region of Las Garrigues (Lleida) is dedicated to the Garnacha de viña vieja. A wine from vines planted at altitude worked in an ecological way, partially fermented with stems and with a light aging in French oak vat, which is intense and deep. With nerve, easy to drink and tremendously tasty. To get started in the wonders of Costers del Segre. Price: 14.60 euros.

From left. on the right: Lar de Maía Garnacha, Monte Real Garnacha and Vinos del Viento Garnacha.

The Ark Singular Vineyard

Located in the heart of the Barrio de Bodegas de Quel, the emblematic enclave of the eighteenth century that summarizes the historical vocation of this Riojan town with wine, its culture and its soul, Queirón makes with this wine a trip to the past and the ancestral viticulture of the Rioja Oriental. An extraordinary wine born from centennial Grenache from a unique and amazing vineyard. The essence of the Old World bottled. Price: 48 euros.

Wines of the Wind Garnacha

Michael Cooper, Californian winegrower with an Aragonese accent, produces his Vinos del Viento from old vines planted at altitude in Aragon, where the Cierzo is responsible for marking the character of the wines. This Grenache turns extreme viticulture into expressiveness from a minimum intervention in the winery. Centennial vines planted on the slopes of the ancient volcano of Monte Moncayo, in Ainzón, which result in a fresh, direct and casual wine, very alive in the mouth. For pro grenaches. Price: 8.95 euros.

Lar de Maía Garnacha

A Grenache from centenary vineyards made manually, elegantly and intensely with a mineral background. A wine with body and persistence, whose precious bottle already anticipates that something special awaits us inside. And there are only 700 units of this liquid jewel, a limited edition with which the Valladolid winery Lar de Maía has proposed to break our hearts. Natural Grenache without additives, aged for just over a year in French barrels, pure expression of the terroir that surrounds Cubillas de Santa Marta. Price: 39.95 euros.

From left. on the right: Atalaque Garnacha del Horcajo, Arrayán Garnacha Rosado and El Arca Viñedo Singular.

Arrayán Garnacha Rosado

Almost 10 years ago Maite Sánchez, winemaker of Arrayán, decided to bet on the native and minority variety with which this rosé is made, and today you just have to try it to understand why it is still the darling of the Toledo winery. Hairy Grenache from vineyards recovered in Santa Cruz de Retamar, aromatic, fresh, elegant and delicate. Price: 16 euros.

Monte Real Garnacha

As a tribute to the Garnacha Rioja, majority in the region in the 70s and to which today only the most nostalgic winegrowers give the value it deserves, this wine continues with the essence and identity of Monte Real. It is a terroir red, from an extraordinary old vineyard of Alto Najerilla, which combines the maximum expression of variety and commitment to the quality of the winery. A fresh, friendly and elegant Grenache, "dangerously" easy and tasty to drink. Price: 15 euros.

Atalaque Garnacha del Horcajo

This wine, from pre-phylloxera vines with more than 100 years of history, planted on the El Horcajo estate, in Fuensalida (Toledo), represents the desire of Pepe Rodríguez de Vera to rescue unique vineyards to produce unique wines. A Grenache that pays homage to its origin, Méntrida, from centennial vines rescued from the start by the young winemaker and farmer Santiago Peña. A plot red wine made with grapes selected from the field, which spends 12 months in French wood to add balance, delicacy and travel to an exceptional Grenache. Price: 26,30 euros