While the beaches are still overflowing with holidaymakers, Madrid is presented -despite the heat- in its quietest and most appetizing version of the year. Going to an exhibition, approaching the Retiro when the sun goes down, having a drink under the starry sky of the capital or dining in a palace are plans within reach these days to do without haste or stress. Here four restaurants of height to go opening mouth.


The reopening of the terrace of this club a few months ago was one of the most talked about of the season, especially because for the first time it allowed the entrance of the general public. Located on the 14th floor of the Colón building, it boasts one of the best panoramic views of the city, which on these hot days are also enjoyed on its roof (15th floor) with a very attractive proposal. Summer Saturdays are celebrated with Champagne and burgers, offering the American classic versioned by Nino Redruello (with two pieces of 100% beef smash, smoked black angus pastrami from Rooftop Smokehouse, tree tamarillo, cheddar cheese and Club Financiero sauce) and a glass of Veuve Clicquot (Yellow Label or Rosé, 18 and 20 euros per pack, respectively). You can also choose on the 14th floor the usual menu of the space, where there is no shortage of Galician empanadas, Velazquez omelette, rich rice dishes or a wide variety of fish. Address: Marqués de la Ensenada, 14. August opening hours on the 15th floor: Tuesday to Friday from 18.00 to 0.00. Saturdays: from 12.00 to 0.00. It is required, in an essential way, prior reservation through the web. Average ticket à la carte: 50-60 euros.

Lelong Asian Club offers an international Asian gastronomic proposal.


The latest project of the China Crown Group, located in the Carrera de San Jerónimo number 9, has plenty of incentives to pay it a visit. The first, its international Asian gastronomic proposal based on the best product. In the menu there are bites of intense and spicy flavors typical of Thai cuisine, but also more delicate dishes of Japanese. The second reason for this visit, its careful aesthetics, which seeks harmony with the culinary part, where traditional recipes are updated luxuriously. Some of its most outstanding dishes: its eggplant sticks with chicken cotton, its petit four of lacquered duck foie, the Galician oyster with ponzu sauce and lime and its candied old sangrilah beef rib, which end with Josper's blow. Its "varied dim sum" is one of the jewels of the menu. The liquid part deserves separate mention with more than 1,000 references. Address: Carrera de San Jerónimo, 9.

Peas teardrop from Abya.


The Palacio de Saldaña in the Salamanca district not only does not close in summer but also incorporates new dishes a la carte. Chef Aurelio Morales (ex Cebo) continues with his free, international and untethered cuisine where El Ceviche is incorporated (will be available until the end of August) these days, a dish made with baby teardrop pea from Maresme and shrimp from Motril with vinaigrette from its roe. Also to the list of novelties are added the linguini with Alfredo sauce and txangurro stew, the angus sirloin taco macerated for 12 hours on the grill and the Atlantic snapper (bocinegro) grilled. For those who visit the space for the first time do not miss detail of the works of art that hang on the walls. Do not miss the opportunity to start or close the evening with one of their wonderful cocktails. Address: Ortega y Gasset, 32. Average price: 70-80 euros.

The Quintoelemento room.


Madrid in August always holds pleasant surprises. This is designed by chef Juan Suárez de Lezo, who proposes to enjoy an evening on the roof of Quintoelemento with good music, a traveling menu and outstanding cocktails. Among the summer snacks, the green gazpachuelo with hamachi, with amontillado and apple granita and the salmorejo with tomato sorbet and Iberian ham. The ceviches also enjoy great prominence with three versions: of viera and king crab, of sea bass with sorbet of chilies and tuna. Essential in the visit try the sushi, which the cook prepares wonderfully. The Japanese part comes with two options: an omakase menu, where the chef sets the tone and is enjoyed at the bar, or choose from the menu between his sashimis, nigiris, gunkan and maki rolls, which more tempting. To accompany the experience, the more than 300 references of its liquid menu, with the plus that they offer a very good part by the glass. Only in champagnes it has 50 references. Address: Atocha, 125 - 7ª planta. Average price: 50-60 euros (excluding drinks).

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