Chloé Lagadou / Photo credit: Jean-Francois FORT / Hans Lucas / Hans Lucas via AFP 12:01 p.m., August 21, 2023, modified at 12:05 p.m., August 21, 2023

On Sunday, the green of a golf course in Haute-Vienne was degraded, after the passage of the Water Convoy, where participants were protesting against the mega-basins. Participants would have degraded the green of a golf course in Haute-Vienne. A "deplorable" situation, for the director of golf, who spoke at the microphone of Europe 1.

The dissolution of the Earth Uprising collective was suspended by the Council of State. It was seen as a setback for the government. On Sunday, as part of the Water Convoy, this itinerant protest against the mega-basins that must cross five departments of the center of the France, overflows took place on the course. Participants are accused of damage on the green of a golf course in Haute-Vienne.

Sunday, in the early afternoon, several dozen people, black hoods on their heads, enter the golf course of Beaumont Saint-Cyr by shearing the fence. Once on the green, they tear off clods of grass, break a pipe and leave as a signature on the lawn the logo of the Earth Uprisings, the anarchist symbol or the inscription "100 days to dry yourself".

The organizers ensure not to be at the initiative of the degradations

Faced with these acts of vandalism, Christophe Joulin, the director of golf, is outraged. "This is work that is completely to be resumed. Gardeners who spend their day maintaining the course, this is totally intolerable. There, these deliberate degradations, it was premeditated since people had markers, bombs and tagged greens, so it is purely voluntary, "he considers.

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"I am outraged, I have no words. The event 'Water Convoy', which aimed to explain to people that water resources were a scarce resource, it starts from a good intention, but the overflows by people are perhaps external to this event that have just been grafted, it is deplorable, "adds the director of golf. An unplanned act of protest, defend the organizers of the Water Convoy, who ensure not to be at the initiative of these degradations.