This August not everyone flees Madrid. First, because the city is a great national and international gastronomic destination; Second, because it is a good opportunity to enjoy their different cuisines without -or almost- waiting lists. Here we bring four restaurants to sink your teeth into this month.

Prawn salad, in Retail.


Recipes rich with memory, roots and a lot of chup chup updated; jaraneo and pecking at the bar and tranquility in the living room and, in both, dishes to share, a good cellar with more than 150 wines (many Andalusian and also by the glass) and air of the South. These are the coordinates of this new restaurant -brother of another well known and valued in the Forum (and not only for its tortilla)- that Ricardo and Mané Romero have set up in front of Colósimo, the mother house that also opens in August. These days shine on their tables summer dishes such as pickled chicken salad, Tudela buds and suckling pig ear, roasted eggplant and cured anchovies or pickled mackerel and pipirrana, in addition to its rich salads and ham croquettes. Average price: 40 euros. Address: José Ortega y Gasset, 68.

A copy of viceroy, in the restaurant of the same name.


It has just turned one year old and seems to have fulfilled the objective with which it was born: to be a must stop for lovers of northern gastronomy, its fish and meat. Here there is no shortage of sea bream, hake from Celeiro or the aforementioned viceroy who gives it its name and the hit of the house. They have just added to the menu new dishes that pay homage to the Asturian cuisine of sea and mountains. Thus, after a tasty Russian salad with sea bass in oil or some very fresh Galician razor clams, arrive at this Madrid sea port, a cod al pilpil on ajoarriero or a sea bass with juice of its bones and celery cream. If meat is your thing, don't miss the Asturian veal escalope, the suckling chops or the grilled rib eye. Average price: 50 euros. Address: Zurbarán, 8.

Burger La Milonga, in La Carnaza.

La Carnaza Burger

We do not leave aside the meat, on the contrary, because that is the common thread of this premium burger restaurant opened a few months ago in the Salamanca district, a personal project of Miguel Crespo, a young entrepreneur who left the world of Big Data for the kitchen. Crespo, passionate about livestock, comes from his family (he is a partner of the Cañadío Group) and, after the success of the concept in Santander, he set out to conquer Madrid. Rogue air, vinyl, a lot of rock and roll and first class meat are the ingredients of this establishment that already has a good number of essential snacks. For example, Johnny Cash, with peanut butter; the Heidi Loves Cheeseburger, with a cheese fondue served at the table over the meat; La Llorona, with cochinita pibil, gouda cheese, pico de gallo and chipotle mayonnaise; The Sweet Home Alabama, a tribute to Elvis in the form of a super crispy breaded chicken burger and cheddar cheese. Or any other that grooms Crespo's restless mind. Average price: 25 euros. Address: Castelló, 9.

Pizza tartufo, in Baldoria.


It has only been open for nine months and has already made room in the list of Italians who succeed in the capital. Ciro Cristiano, former executive chef of Grupo Big Mamma, is behind this cheerful Neapolitan venue. What rules here is traditional cuisine with signature winks. Homemade pastas, dishes to share and pizzas, the hit of the house that has taken them to number 13 in the ranking of the 50 Best Pizzerias in Europe 2023, of the 50 Top Pizza guide, which has also awarded them the award for the best opening of the year in Europe. With these guarantees, it seems obligatory to be seduced by the iconic bite of the transalpine country. At this time they have incorporated two new versions: the fresh buffala with buffalo mozzarella, roasted tomato sauce and crispy parmesan, and the burrata 4 pomodori, with four different types of tomato. Pasta also dresses in summer and premieres a dish that combines the flavors of southern Italy and Spain: ravioli stuffed with buffalo ricotta with Amalfi lemon and mint with a base of Andalusian gazpacho and tuna tartare. More novelties with the stuffed squid and the artisan gelatos that they prepare every day. Average price: 40 euros. Address: José Ortega y Gasset, 100.

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