Fashionable dessert, yes or yes, and for some years now, because there is no restaurant in Madrid -well, some do exist- that does not serve cheesecake ... If you even have your own World Day: July 30. There are for all tastes and styles: traditional or more innovative, liquid or consistent interior; with soft or strong cheeses; alone or with various toppings and accompaniments ... Be that as it may, who refuses to take a bite of a delicious cheesecake. And, in case you do not have enough with one, we bring you 10 of the most desired in Madrid that can be taken in restaurants or bought in artisan workshops.



We start with the cheesecake that these days is on everyone's lips and that since Monday is "the best in Madrid", after winning the contest organized by the Association of Chefs and Confectioners of the region (ACYRE). This boutique shop – it also had a restaurant, Poncelet Cheese Bar – is an institution within the world of cheese (thanks to it many Madrilenians discovered that there was life beyond La Mancha), but it also repeats on the podium, it already won in 2021. And how is this winning dessert? Well, a double commitment to artisan goat cheese: one fresh from Madrid and another English (harbor blue). At the base, biscuit and goat's milk butter. They serve it in two sizes: individual, 12 euros, and for six servings, 21.90 euros. Fans of cheese and chocolate do not miss their creamy cake, which they only make in the format of six portions (21.90 euros). Address: Argensola, 27.

The Well Appeared.

The Well Appeared

It is one of the most desired and valued in the capital, whose origin dates back to 1981 and the first Cañadío that Paco Quirós inaugurated in his native Santander. That recipe is present in the premises that the hotelier has been opening in Madrid: Cañadío, La Maruca (with three locations), La Primera and La Bien Aparecida. In this flagship of Cantabrian cuisine we stay and with that iconic dessert that they make daily with fresh cheese. The key is the control of temperature and baking time that can change, for example, depending on the season of the year. Firm on the outside and melting on the inside, it rests on a thin layer of biscuit as a base and does not carry jams or dressings. Here they serve it with ice cream and crunchy caramel. Price: 10 euros. Address: Jorge Juan, 8.



Another that carries the band of "the most desired" is the one signed by the chef and businessman Nino Redruello, creator of a delicate recipe whose history was born in this restaurant that the Familia La Ancha group has in the Chamberí neighborhood. After an intense process of trial and error, they finally came up with the exact formula and cake of their dreams. The secret of success? Well, it does not need many words: the balanced combination of cheeses (one fresh, a smoked idiazabal and another blue) and a creamy, almost liquid texture. The price of the ration is 8 euros and there is also the possibility of ordering the cake to take away in a format of three portions (16 euros). Address: Sagasta, 29.

Tatel Madrid.

Tatel Madrid

The restaurant of the hotel group of Rafa Nadal and Cristiano Ronaldo, among others, is not immune to this almost omnipresent cake either. In fact, the one they dispatch here won last year's ACYRE contest for the best in Madrid. Every day and with first class products, in this restaurant in La Castellana they make a creamy cake with cream cheese that has a sablé pasta base and a fluid interior. They present it accompanied by a unique smoked milk ice cream and a honeycomb-shaped biscuit. In addition, it is a traveling cake that can also be tried in the Tatel of Ibiza, Beverly Hills and Doha. Price: 12 euros. Address: Paseo de la Castellana, 36.

Luna and Wanda.

Luna & Wanda

The perfect -and secret- recipe for this desired cheesecake was born during confinement by Sergio Arjona, a young entrepreneur who went from being a consultant to a pastry chef and from cooking in the oven at home to having a workshop in the Ponzano area. And how is this delicatessen object of desire? Toasted on the outside and creamy on the inside. Arjona offers four varieties that are usually made the night before. The hit is the Original (the one with which it all began), made with a mixture of three cheeses (cream, blue and goat) and a biscuit base. They also enjoy predicament cheesecake and milk chocolate, the same with white chocolate or dulce de leche. Prices: 9 euros (the small one), 25 euros (the medium one) and 40 euros (the big one). They are sold through the brand's website or in the Espronceda store, 3, (beware! with limited units and while stocks last).

Alex Cordobés.

Alex Cordobés

Here is another cake that started in a pandemic – it went viral via Instagram – and has gone further, becoming an essential cheesecake in Madrid, with two premises, one in Las Rozas and another in the Salamanca neighborhood. Behind this delicate dessert that has its hallmark in creaminess is Álex Cordobés, creator of a formula that combines experimentation -you know, try and taste-, cooking, oven, family recipe and first class products (eggs with surname, cheeses from small producers ...). The jewel in the crown is still the traditional "Basque style" -they call it-, with a cookie base with butter and on it a mantle of creamy cheese covered with a toasted layer. But the offer extends to a dozen cheesecakes: with passion fruit, salted caramel, oreo, Belgian chocolate, Iberian pistachio... Prices: from 32 to 43 euros; In stores they are available in three sizes. Address: Velázquez, 60 and Avenida de la Comunidad de Madrid, 41. C.C. Burgocentro I (Las Rozas).

Mama Orange.

Mama Orange

In this workshop of cakes and sweets to order, founded by the cook Clara P. Villalón and her family, what they take are the 100% natural elaborations and almost on a whim. "We try to match our proposals as much as possible to the taste of the consumer," explains the chef. The starting point is a cheesecake based on salted oatmeal biscuit, creamy but not liquid. "It's done for every customer. There are those who ask for it more or less sweet, with or without gluten, with a touch of pepper or even with some white chocolate, "says Villalón. They also offer a NY Cheesecake at low temperature, silky texture but not undone, with fruit coulis or salted caramel coverage. Price: 34 euros. Orders are made 48 hours in advance on the website (delivery within the M-50 and collection point at Calle General Díaz Porlier, 10).

Commercial Coffee.

Commercial Coffee

Meeting point of several generations -for something this iconic establishment has more than 130 years of existence-, in this classic capital the updated recipes of traditional and traditional flavor with the seal of Pepe Roch are imposed. That renewed tradition and good work is also present in its sweet offer. The chef proposes a baked toasted cheesecake, with a creamy interior full of flavor, which he accompanies with red fruits. Price: 8 euros. Address: Glorieta de Bilbao, 7.

The Bientirada.

The Bientirada

The star dessert of this Lalala Group banner is not the result of improvisation, but of 12 tests after which they managed to find their perfect recipe, which is a little far from the traditional one. "We wanted to give it a different creaminess and that the point was fair, not exaggerated," they explain from this modern beer restaurant with Mediterranean airs. The other pillar of the formula is that the cookie crunchy "was really crunchy and that the base was not wet". "It is not only about defining quantities or ingredients, but also the exact baking time, temperature, humidity, rest and tempering just so that its creaminess remains and does not go with the cold," they conclude. Price: 6.90 euros per portion; 45 euros whole. It is available in all the premises of La Bientirada and in La Barra de la Bientirada.

La Guisandera de Piñera.

Piñera's Guisandera

In this food house, embassy of Asturian gastronomy in Madrid, they pay tribute to those cooks who guard traditional recipes. And flavors of always transmits its rich cake. Delicate and tasty, they make it in the restaurant in an artisanal way with northern cheeses, among them, a creamy Asturian from the family cheese factory Ca Sanchu and another goat, of which they only add a little. They finish it in the oven to give the touch of creaminess to taste. Price: 8 euros. Address: Rosario Pino, 12.

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