The second major operation of the summer is here, in which a large number of Spaniards will travel to their holiday destinations by car. According to the Directorate General of Traffic (DGT), this August are expected almost 50 million long-distance journeys on Spanish roads.

The trip and traffic jams are more bearable if you are not in a hurry to get there and if you decide to stop along the way to enjoy nature or a delicious meal. The options of finding a good establishment of high quality and at affordable prices are increasing.

For drivers leaving Madrid, below we propose about thirty roadside bars and restaurants located on the main Spanish roads where you can stop to eat (very well), whether it is a sandwich, a portion to share, a good menu of the day or a more sophisticated dish.


Hotel Restaurante Puerto de Somosierra (A-1, Km. 92,5, Somosierra, Madrid; 918 699 211) is a rustic mountain building located in an enviable environment of km 92 of the A-1, towards Burgos, crowning the Puerto de Somosierra. In its simple menu, in which the ribeye and the entrecôte stand out, all its dishes are homemade. They have a menu of the day with five starters, five main courses and several homemade desserts (12.50 euros and half menus for 9 euros). Also portions and freshly made snacks to order in the cafeteria.

Restaurant Área Boceguillas (A-1, km 115, Boceguillas, Segovia; 921 543 703). Recognized with a Repsol sun, this beautiful restaurant with conservatory and outdoor terrace, presents a varied menu that includes lamb roasted in a wood oven, spoon dishes and homemade desserts. In its cafeteria you can also eat from a sandwich to fried eggs with potatoes and ham.

El lagar de Milagros (Highway N-1, exit km 146, Milagros, Burgos; 947 548 091). Located in the land of lamb, 15 km from Aranda de Duero, this rustic steakhouse is a classic to eat a good lamb, in addition to other traditional dishes of the area, such as Castilian soup, Aranda black pudding and lamb kidneys. It also has a Repsol solete.

Restaurant Castillo de Izán (Burgos).

Restaurant Asador Tudanca (A-1, KM 153, Aranda de Duero, Burgos; 947 506 011). This complex, which includes a hotel, a spa, a cafeteria with good sandwiches, portions and pastries, a shop with a great offer of wines and a gas station, is well known by all those who have traveled north on the A-1 by bus, as it is always an essential stop. Surrounded by its own vineyards, it also includes a grill with good grilled meats, lamb and other specialties such as grilled octopus, scrambled eggs ... It has a menu of the day and tasting menu.

Castillo de Izán Restaurant (A-1, km 168, Gumiel de Izán, Burgos; 947 544 280). From the road stands out the silhouette of this building in the form of a modern medieval fortress with towers and battlements, which houses an elegant restaurant with antique decoration (as if you were in a dining room of the Middle Ages). In its menu (there is a menu of the day), there is no shortage of lamb, chorizo and blood sausage, torreznos, the typical oil bread ... You can also eat pinchos at the bar.

The Alfoz de Burgos (A-1, km. 233, Villagonzalo Pedernales, Burgos) is a quiet steakhouse where you can taste the Castilian cuisine with a large cafeteria, a large dining room and a spectacular covered children's leisure area, with slides, mats ...

Hotel Landa (Carretera Madrid-Irún, km 235, Burgos; 947 257 777). This emblematic family-run hotel, with a fourteenth-century tower and a Gothic swimming pool, has one of the best known and busiest restaurants for all those who pass through Burgos heading north from Madrid (and vice versa). Whether at the bar, in the restaurant or on the stone benches on the terrace, you can enjoy their iconic dishes such as fried eggs with blood sausage, chorizos cooked in the pot, Iberian ham croquettes, cod burger, a broth ... Also famous are their tortilla skewers, their pulguitas and their veal nuggets.

Eggs with black pudding from the hotel restaurant Landa (Burgos).

Highway A-2

Quinta Hayara (Puente de la Barca, 2, Guadalajara). At kilometre 52 of the A-2, as it passes through Guadalajara, in a beautiful stone building surrounded by gardens, this elegant dining room offers a wide and varied menu of dishes to order a la carte or with closed menus. Rice, vegetables from the garden, Cantabrian anchovies, turbot from Guetaria, Angus burger or entrecôte matured 35 days on the grill are some of its specialties.

Area 103 (Highway A-2, km 103, Almadrones, Guadalajara; 949 285 522). Busy meeting point for many road transport professionals that has been serving millions of customers for more than 125 years. Recognized with a Repsol solete, there you can eat from breakfasts, varied sandwiches and rations to roasted meat and lamb and spoon dishes. Also hostel, has a shop with typical products of the area and a museum with old cars.

Area 280 (A-2, km 281 Calatorao, Zaragoza; 627 710 462). Near Zaragoza (with premises on both sides of the highway), this 24-hour place offers a homemade menu of the day and a menu that includes its famous torreznos and other Aragonese specialties, such as grilled meats, as well as homemade desserts. It has a Repsol solete.

The Navarro (A-2, km 285, Épila, Zaragoza; 976 600 090) is a classic to make a stop along the way before reaching Zaragoza. Daily menu of homemade food, mixed dishes, portions and sandwiches. The roast chicken stands out.

El Asturiano (A-2, km 299, La Muela, Zaragoza; 976 146 661). A few kilometers ahead, this dining room offers portions, large sandwiches and Asturian homemade dishes, such as the Asturian Menu, with salad, cachopo and cider.

The elegant dining room of Hostal El Carme, in Lleida.

Hostal del Carme (A-2, km 504, Vilagrassa, Lleida; 973 31 10 00). Nice roadside hotel with a restaurant recognized with a Repsol solete with more than 50 years of experience. It is owned by a family that has been dedicated to cooking for four generations and serves homemade and local food. Their star dish (and a great claim of the place) are the snails, which they make of various types.

Highway A-3

De Juan (A-3 km 62.5, Fuentidueña de Tajo, Madrid; 918 728 047) is a good option just before leaving the Community of Madrid, towards Valencia, to have some tapas and sandwiches or to eat the menu of the day of homemade dishes.

Essentia (Av. Adolfo Suárez, 30, Tarancón, Cuenca, 969 322 397), located in a polygon of Tarancón, has become an obligatory stop for those who come or go to the Levante, thanks to its good work and the quality of its cuisine, in which Finnish beef stands out, chosen in 2019 as the Best Beef in the World. Recognized with a Repsol sun, they have their own garden and offer from à la carte dishes to a tasting menu. The homemade torreznos, icon of the house, and the confit suckling pig mask, are recommendations of the chef.

The specialty of Essentia, in Tarancón.

Bar Venta San José (A-3, km 124, Villares del Saz, Cuenca; 969 298 458). A classic of the road of Valencia, with more than 40 years at the service of breakfasts, lunches and dinners (closes at 1 h.). The dishes of traditional Manchego cuisine and the large selection of cheeses stand out. Its walls are decorated with photos of all the celebrities who have passed through this place. There is also a park for children.

Restaurant Ven y Ven (A-3, km 186, Tébar, Cuenca; 969 381 470). It offers a wide variety of portions, sandwiches, mixed dishes and menu of the day. It has a terrace and shop with typical products of the area.

Restaurant Marino II (Autovía de Alicante, km 171, 5, Villena, Alicante). Before arriving in Villena, towards Alicante, this family establishment is famous for its embers. Lamb chops, vegetables, quail...

Las Bairetas (Ramón y Cajal, s/n, Valencia; 962 521 373). At the detour of km 323, in the old Nacional III and very close to the Cheste motorcycle circuit, this family rice restaurant with a Repsol solete serves all kinds of rice cooked over firewood, such as paella and duck rice and young garlic, as well as other homemade dishes where they fuse tradition and avant-garde.

Las Bairetas, in Valencia.

Highway A-4

Restaurant Hostal El Amigo (Ctra. de Andalucía, km 57, 200, Ocaña, Toledo; 925 130 285). With a Repsol solete, this place has extensive facilities where you can try homemade food at a good price in any of its varied menus of the day or in the menu with typical dishes of the area.

Restaurant Puerto de Almuradiel (A-4, km 232, Almuradiel, Ciudad Real). Ample place to make a stop with terrace and eat from a sandwich to a salmorejo, portions and combined dishes. Good value for money.

Mesón Despeñaperros (Av. de Andalucía, 91, Santa Elena, Jaén; 953 664 100). Next to the A-4 (km 258), the dining room of this traditional inn has the best views of the spectacular landscape of Despeñaperros. It has been awarded several times for its excellent traditional cuisine and is recognized with a Repsol solete, with typical Jaén specialties, such as homemade partridge pâté, Alfonso XIII omelette, mountain meat in mushroom sauce, grilled meat or fried roscos from Jaén.

The terrace of the Mesçon Despeñaperros.

Mesón La Campiña (Polígono Industrial La Campiña, C. Asturias, 2, Écija, Sevilla; 691418430). Past Écija, at km 456 of the highway, this restaurant recognized with a Repsol solete is ideal for lovers of grilled meats.

Restaurant Caserío de San Benito (Autovía de Málaga, Antequera, Málaga; 670 4184 67). Direction Malaga, is this beautiful farmhouse built in the eighteenth century in the Vega de Antequera surrounded by olive groves. In any of its three dining rooms or outdoor terrace you can enjoy traditional homemade Andalusian cuisine: vegetables, rice, meat, seafood and fresh fish ... Among its typical dishes are rice with rabbit, flamenquines, migas, stew and porra antequerana.

Motorway A-5

Restaurant-Grill Las Esparteras (Autovía del Suroeste, 47, Casarrubios del Monte, Toledo; 918 170 932). Recognized with a Repsol sun, this traditional bar of rations and sandwiches has become an indispensable stop for those traveling to Extremadura or Portugal. In addition to snacking at the bar, you can also enjoy roasts, lamb and suckling pig in its rustic dining room. It also has a wine list of more than 1,800 references and a collection of Iberian hams of emblematic brands in public view. It also highlights its gourmet shop.

Mesón Las Esparteras.

Mesón Castellano Maqueda (N-5, km 74, Maqueda, Toledo; 925 790 014). In its elegant and traditional dining room you can taste grilled meats, Manchego stews and also rations to share. Special mention deserves its potato omelette.

Don Quijote Restaurant (Autovía del Suroeste, 128, Calera y Chozas, Toledo; 925 892 370). Castilian soup, chicken with garlic, ribeye, grilled vegetables and other grilled meats are some of the good options of this traditional place next to the highway.

Motorway A-6

Restaurant Cafeteria Don Paco (Autovía del Noroeste, km 135, Palacios de Goda, Ávila; 983 651 202). Traditional homemade cuisine, from portions and mixed dishes to sandwiches. The torreznos and the casqueria stand out.

El Ermitaño Restaurant (Arrabal Huerta de los Salados, Benavente, Zamora). At kilometer 261 towards La Coruña, as it passes through Benavente, is this renowned family restaurant located in a centenary building and surrounded by beautiful gardens. What initially opened as a typical Castilian picnic area in 1989, is today a refined dining room recognized with a Michelin star and two Repsol suns. In it, the sons of the founder, chefs Pedro and Óscar, present typical Castilian dishes according to each season, such as cecina canutillos, cod with trotters or lamb roasted in a wood oven, and other more innovative creations. It has four tasting menus (from 60 euros).

La Magdalena de Combarros (N-VI, km. 335, Combarros, León; 987 606 559). Between Astorga and Ponferrada, in the old Nacional VI, this simple place has a wide variety of dishes and hearty homemade stews from the area at a good price. Recognized with a Repsol solete, it stands out for its grilled meats and spoon dishes, in addition to toasts for breakfast.

House of Labrego, in Lugo.

Casa do Labrego1978 (Calle del Museo, 29, Baamonde, Lugo; 617 822 113). At exit 522A of the highway is this rustic stone food house that has been open since 1978 offering cuisine based on typical Galician products. Its famous cocido labrego is the star of the place, but its clams, its Galician veal and the Iberian pork tenderloin also triumph, with a good portion of peppers from the padrón. It also has a Repsol solete.

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