There are only a few days left for the great exodus. That one that every August -the most holiday par excellence- leaves Madrid half empty, yes, of residents, because our region is still a national and international tourist destination of first. In any case, it is a joy to enjoy a semi-abandoned city, as it is to visit these restaurants that will be open all this August.

Bao de picaña with pickles and siracha mayonnaise, in Rocacho Plaza.


We start with the second Rocacho, that contemporary grill where the product and the oak charcoal grill reign and that since 2017 triumphs in Chamartín (Padre Damián, 38). Now, its rich red meats treated with a perfect point of fire, arrive at this place in the Salamanca district that maintains the essence of the flagship, but with a more informal dress and a firm commitment to the aperitif. The space, with several environments, including three terraces, gives great prominence to the bar. What is carried here is the snack: high-end sausage; croquettes; Cod rocks; corvina ceviche taco... In the room, the menu grows -and replicates the mother house- with different cuts and maturation of beef and beef (chop, sirloin, entrails) and fish (eels, wild turbot, hake, pixín), both grilled; Suggestions and rice dishes (senyoret, langoustine and artichoke, carabinero, black...). In the winery, a wide presence of national references, some international and, for the after-dinner period, a selection of the 10 most exclusive spirits on the market. Average price: from 40 to 70 euros. Plaza Marqués de Salamanca, 9.

Carnita and soft shell crab taco, in Can Chan Chán.


The latest project of the chilango Roberto Ruiz (soul of the disappeared Punto MX, the first Mexican restaurant in Europe with a Michelin star, and Barracuda MX, among others) also opens this August. The concept? Non-traditional, casual and fun Mexican cuisine, in which the Aztec and the Spanish go hand in hand as a result of the two decades that the chef has been in Spain: a ménage à trois between technique, product and passion for certain flavors. Galician meats and seafood, Iberian and chili peppers (from the chiltepín of Sonora to the chipotle meco or the rattlesnake) give life to a score of dishes designed to share and in full movement depending on the season. Take note of the ones that shine now: guacamole with shrimp omelettes and crystal shrimp; chopitos taco with pico de gallo negro and salsa macha; Zarajos taco with grilled razor clams and Guanajillo Brava sauce... And for fans of combos, the place houses the cocktail bar Vuelve a la Vida. Average price: 75-85 euros. Serrano, 47 (third floor of El Corte Inglés de Serrano).

Scallop carpaccio with tomato tartare, dates and ajoblanco, in Tablao, from Corral de la Morería.


Considered the best flamenco tablao in the world, the house of Juan Manuel and Armando del Rey -which in 1956 was founded by their parents, Manuel and the dancer Blanca del Rey- does not close this August. Yes, its Michelin-starred dining room does. But the kitchen of David García -trained in the kitchens of Martín Berasategui, has passed through elBulli and Mugaritz- is open in Tablao. While enjoying the live show (47.95 euros), the tables of this dining room pass a more informal culinary to which the Bilbao chef has shaped three menus: Soleá (49.95 euros), Alegrías (65.95 euros) and Tasting (77.95 euros). In addition, there is a closed proposal for vegans (55.95 euros) and also gluten-free (65.95 euros). Morería, 17.

Salmon taco, in BarraCruda.


Its name already reveals what this ensign is about: raw or semi-raw dishes and cooking at low temperature. It has two offices in Madrid, one inaugurated at the beginning of the year in the Ibiza Market and another successfully established in the Barajas neighborhood, which is precisely the one that will keep the doors open throughout August. Its creator, the Venezuelan José Alberto Zapata -specialized in raw food-, defines the concept as "haute cuisine without cooking". Thus, opt for simple elaborations, which do not exceed four assembly steps and with minimally invasive techniques: tatakis, tartares, ceviches, tiraditos... The menu includes about thirty snacks (smoked sardine with tetilla cheese, lemon fish tiradito with honey and pisco, Iberian prey ssam, prawn casserole in Thai coconut sauce and chilli ...). Although to live the full experience and soak up the cuisine of Zapata, the tasting menu with 10 steps (45 euros) is a good option. Bay of Palma, 8.

Selection of pizzas in 400° Pizza.

400° PIZZA

That's nothing, it tookVenezuelans Ricardo Lorenzini and Gustavo Castillo a year to find the perfect dough for their tasty pizzas: artisan, contemporary, with a thin and crispy base, slightly flexible in the center and a fusion between Italian and American style... And as a plus in the red calls, a tomato sauce with a family recipe (from Gustavo's Italian grandmother), which shines in the margarita and in the gustorra, among others. Included among the 100 best pizzerias in Spain, they have two premises – the first opened just three years ago – that this summer have incorporated the free buffet on Wednesdays. It offers two options, both with a drink: the Basic (16.90 euros) includes all the margarita, raw pesto, makaza, gustorra and prosciutto funghi pizzas you can eat, and the Premium (19.90 euros), all the caprichosa, cachi, moment of truffle, carnivore, Das haus, M.7, Mariah Carey and four cheeses you can take. There are only two conditions: eat a whole pizza so they bring the next one and they can't take them home. Average price: 18 euros. María de Molina, 30 and Manuela Malasaña, 3.

Sirloin with its simmental cow rib, in Raza.


This grill with two venues -Chueca and Chamartín- in the capital has behind an old acquaintance of the Madrid hotel industry, Antonio Aguilar. Here, the co-founder of the popular chain La Vaca Argentina has opted for a more gastro version of that steakhouse he launched in 1994. His specialty? First class meats from different origins: Argentine, Galician, Cadiz, Finnish, Dutch with different cuts and maturation. As a sample button, the eye of steak; the simmental T-bone; the high loin of retinta; The low loin of Galician blonde or the hit of the house, the high loin Ayrshire Sashi. Also on the coals pass the veal sweetbreads, the octopus with mashed potatoes and ajada or the roasted leek with demi glace. Average price: 55 euros. Barquillo, 8 and Juan Ramón Jiménez, 11.

Wok scallops with mung beans, basil and pickled chillies, at Don Lay.


Current reference of authentic Chinese cuisine, Nieves Ye opened in 2019, in the heart of the Salamanca district, a new Don Lay that maintained the essence of his first house on the Paseo de Extremadura, which between 2002 and 2015 became a temple of Cantonese gastronomy. His proposal is conceived as a culinary journey-tribute in which there is no shortage of hits such as dim sum (boletus, blue lobster prepared with a transparent dough or stuffed with pork loin, txangurro and chicken broth), lacquered duck and suckling pig, rice, Chinese vegetables, fresh fish and seafood (battered sea bass and cooked in its juice). And if you like spicy, there is the Sichuan-style chong qin chicken with ginger and leek; the mapo doufu with pork or the sea bass with red and green chilli steamed. Average price: 50-60 euros. Castelló, 117.

The burger 'Buffalo Chicken', at New York Burger.


Reference in artisan hamburgers in the American style for 14 years, neither in this family ensign rest in summer. Liberty (with homemade Béarnaise and meat sauce, havarti cheese and pieces of smoked bacon) and 4 de Julio (meat cooked on the grill, with American cheddar, butter brioche bread and bacon smoked for at least six hours and glazed with barbecue sauce) are the latest creations that Pablo Colmenares has incorporated into his gourmet burger proposal. Do not miss their delicious smoked meats -between four and 14 hours- American style (from pastrami sandwich to tender pork ribs) or new dishes such as corn empanadas stuffed with their famous smoked pulled pork or hot dogs that will soon be incorporated into the menu. Price: from 13.95 euros (medium hamburger with fries).

Carpaccio of old cow and truffle, in Cicero.


If we take a look at the hotel showcase of Madrid, who doubts thatthe embers and grills have become fashionable. And, precisely, in the fire kitchen four Mexican friends and catering professionals have been supported to set up this dining room. The menu contains small nods to the country of its owners, but there are no dishes from Mexico, since the proposal is international. Thus, fish from the market, seasonal vegetables and Discarlux meats shine in a proposal with eyes on the French recipe book. To start, dates with sobrasada and bacon (house hit) or root salad. You can continue with the suckling pig ingot and roasted potatoes, the shoulder of suckling lamb with a smoky touch or the squid. In addition, they have a table for 18 people with built-in grill, where the chef prepares the passes of the three menus offered in it. The latest, they have just released in the same space, La Cervecería. Average price: 60 euros. Lagasca, 48.

Premium meats are the star at A'Kangas by Urrechu.


This steakhouse of the XXI century of the Urrechu Group (they also have the restaurants Zalacain, La Guisandera de Piñera and Urrechu Velázquez in Madrid and two in Pozuelo) also hangs the sign "open for holidays". Here the star is the meat, as shown by the showcase in which the pieces with different maturations areexposed, which are provided, among others, by Valles del Esla and Grupo Norteños. For example, the Galician and Asturian beef steak with more than 48 days of aging, the Asturian veal xata roxa or the ox. Meat also in recipes such as the ribeye albondigón with baked potato, the beef burger, the premium entrecôte or the Argentine steer loin. But here there are also pasta, rice and fish. Average price: 80-90 euros. Plaza de la Moraleja, 4 (Alcobendas).

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