So far this year there have been many interesting openings in the capital. With higher or cheaper prices, we have selected the ones we liked the most in Metropolis. Now that summer arrives and there is more time to enjoy and share with friends, it is convenient to have on the radar those restaurants that we have not yet tried. In this tour there are level burgers, also projects with young people at the head willing to risk with their concepts. There are snacks that make us travel to America or to the orchard of Calahorra. The exclusive comes from Japan and is lived in a bar for six diners. Eating like a king makes perfect sense when done in a palace. Summer and its gifts.


Sara Peral and Jorge Muñoz opened their restaurant after Easter and their name spread like wildfire. After two years of work to define what they wanted to do and how they were going to carry it out, they presented themselves with a risky concept and with clear lines: "Rich, simple food, with a sublime technique and an outstanding product". Also in the location they wanted to make a difference and get out of the circuit. The experience, overall, is unique. Address: Ribera del Manzanares, 23. Average price: 200 euros.

Toki's bar.


A bar and six diners. This is how the last restaurant of the businessman and sommelier Marcos Granda in the capital is presented. Expert in setting up small great restaurants (Skinna, Nintai, Maros) and in quickly getting Michelin stars, here the story revolves around the raw material; the rice, of the highest quality, and the winery. Japanese chef Tadayoshi Motoa works behind the bar with mastery and discretion. Among its suppliers, Artesáns da Pesca and Balfegó. Address: Sagasta, 28. Menus: 109 (lunch) and 139 (night).

The Amicitia room.


We met Lucía Grávalos in Madrid with Méntica Gastronómico and for a few months she has been in charge of Amicitia -alone after the departure of chef Albert Jubany-, a large space in which she once again demonstrates her good work with that cuisine based on the vegetables of her native Calahorra, with powerful and recognizable flavors. The seasonal stew, the tomato salad with the aroma of chamomile and its cauliflower in textures have already become 'hits' of the house. Address: Genoa, 7. Set menu from 55 euros.

Tiradito of lemon fish from MamaQuilla.


Located in José Abascal, it is one of the most interesting openings of these first months of the year. His is a tribute to the gastronomy of Latin America, from Mexico to Brazil, passing through Argentina and Peru. They prepare a green snapper ceviche with grilled tirabeques that are big words. The chefs Joaquín Serrano and Jorge Velasco have designed an attractive, fresh and light proposal, where they play a lot and well with the surprise effect. Very interesting their cocktails. Address: José Abascal, 61. Average price: 40-60 euros.

White prawn 'al ajillo' with fried egg and potatoes.


Óscar Velasco and Montserrat Abellà have returned to the capital's gastro scene in style. After the closure of Santceloni (two Michelin stars) after the pandemic, where they shone for two decades, they decided to launch and create their own project, where they have taken care of even the smallest detail. They offer tasting menu and also a la carte. There are Velasco classics such as smoked ricotta ravioli and new and delicious snacks such as garlic white shrimp with fried egg (photo). Address: Víctor Andrés Belaúnde, 25. Set menu: 100 euros.

Abya's Japanese wagyu salad A-5.


The thousand square meters of the Saldaña Palace, in the middle of Ortega y Gasset Street, did not go unnoticed. With Aurelio Morales -ex Cebo, a Michelin star- as chef, the gastronomic part had a good endorsement. The menu is suitable for all tastes and designed to share. Wild fish, salad, rice, homemade gnocchi or your burger are tempting options. Pisco, tequila and mezcal shine in the liquid proposal. Address: José Ortega y Gasset, 32. Average price: 80 euros.

Aitor Sua, Lucas Fernández and Miguel Vallés, trio deTrèsde.MARTA F. GUADAÑO


Aitor Sua, Lucas Fernández and Miguel Vallés lead this bistro in which haute cuisine is democratized with a proposal for all budgets. The formula goes through a menu with starter, dish and dessert for a price of 41 euros. Located in the neighborhood of La Latina, they work a lot of seasonal product and with the concept of taking advantage of everything and not throwing anything away. You can also eat à la carte. Highlights are its bonito marinade with green tomato juice and the monkfish escalope a la romana. Address: Cava Alta, 17. Set menu: 41 euros.

Bao Li's xangurro xiao long bao.


Cantonese haute cuisine is the focus of this space of the China Crown Group. The brothers María Li and Felipe Bao wanted to value this traditional recipe book that they have updated for the summer with dishes such as the crunchy lobster, mango and passion fruit, the xangurro xiao long bao and the Iberian Wellington char siu. They also have vegan and vegetarian options that maintain the level – bao li style jade tofu is good proof of this. Address: Jovellanos, 5. Average price: 80-100 euros.

Callisto's room.


The second house of Madrid chef Carlos Griffo (the first is Quinqué) opened at the end of 2022, but we wanted to include it in this list. A signature cuisine, with few frills and an excellent product define this dining room that, for a couple of months, boasts the title 'Rice of the future' for a pigeon rice bomb with trumpet of the dead and mistela sauce with blood orange. It can be ordered on the noon menu. It has a nice terrace. Address: Eduardo Dato, 8. Average price: 60 euros.

One of the burgers of La Carnaza.


Classic among the classics, it is always convenient to have a good hamburger place on the radar. This year the novelty is in La Carnaza, a place of rogue air that has landed strongly in the Salamanca neighborhood. Its formula is none other than offering a first class meat that they ball by hand in each service and the bread of Madreamiga. In the background always the best rock and roll. In July they have as a hamburger of the month one based on rabas, with a soft muffin and aioli sauce.

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