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  • WhatsApp launches the 'channels', a tool to follow news of various topics

WhatsApp has reported the incorporation of a new functionality in its app. Thus, it will allow you to block calls from spam numbers or phones that are not saved on the device.

It is committed to strengthening security by incorporating new layers of privacy. From now on, as announced in the official blog of this mobile application, you can silence calls from strangers by activating a tab within the app itself.

Users can now enable this functionality so that calls from numbers they don't have saved or that the phone recognizes as spam don't ring on the phone. In any case, even if they do not sound, they will be registered in the call list in case any of them are from someone important.

Just a few days ago the popular messaging application announced another of its great novelties: the launch of channels that allow you to follow news of various topics. WhatsApp's parent company, Meta, described these channels as "a simple, reliable and private way to get news from people and organizations."

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