Yes, we know, Japanese cuisine is much more than sushi, as demonstrated by the rich and varied offer of Japanese restaurants that triumph in Madrid (Zuara by David Arauz, Soy by Pedro Espina, Kappo by Mario Payán, Toki by Marcos Granda ...). But as Sunday, June 18 is its International Day, this is a good opportunity to select eight tracks (which we present in alphabetical order) "very personal" and with a great presence of fusion, from pioneers of the concept to the last to arrive in the capital.

99 Sushi Bar.

99 Sushi Bar

A classic of the capital's offer (also present in Barcelona, Bilbao, Marbella, Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Rabat) in which some of the sushiman that today triumph in our city have been tanned. And it is that in this concept, with four locations in Madrid, traditional Japanese dishes coexist with the most innovative creations. Although the star of the house is the tiger prawn tempura, its makis sushi and its nigiris, cold and temperate, are very popular. Among the latter, a good option is grilled eel from the Ebro Delta; crispy spicy bull rice; warm scallop with yuzu mayonnaise or turbot flambéed with lime. Average price: 85 euros Address: Hermosilla, 4; Ponzano, 99; Padre Damián, 23 and La Estafeta, 2 (La Moraleja).



It has been in the capital for a short time, but the restaurant of the Mexican Alejandro Pérez (the brand triumphs in his native country) has already made its way into the Madrid offer with a unique Japanese concept that moves between the traditional bar and the free interpretation of the most classic cuisine. And here we talk about "contemporary sushi", whose bar -with capacity for more than 12 diners- is the soul of the place and through which parade, among other dishes, a wide range of sashimis and up to 25 options of nigiris of different cuts (akami, chutoro, tuna bull; salmon, sea bass, sea bass, of lemon fish...). And for omakase addicts, you know that menu in which you have to put yourself in the hands of the chef, they have two options (49.50 and 64.50 euros). Average price: 70 euros. Address: Alcalá, 99.


Ikigai Velazquez

The common thread of the unique fusion proposal that Yong Wu Nagahira (old acquaintance of the Madrid restoration) executes in this space of the Salamanca district are hot cuisine and nigiris. With high raw materials and fine cuisine, the chef -second generation of chefs- born in Paris makes use of what the market brings and elaborates a proposal in which French and Spanish influences are appreciated. Hits of the house are the nigiris of espardeña with pilpil of its juice, of sea bass with beurre blanc and cecina powder of León and the one of bull semiflambéed with curry chocolate and fine chives. Average price: 60-80 euros. Address: Velazquez, 136.

Ricardo Sanz, in Kyoshi.

Kyoshi By Ricardo Sanz

Behind this modern and elegant restaurant, located in the DoubleTree by Hilton Madrid-Prado hotel, is the pioneer in the Japanese-Mediterranean fusion, one of the national glories of sushi, creator of an entire school and a master of masters (kyoshi). What rules here -and in the rest of Ricardo Sanz's proposals- is the raw material that they work with care and respect. Although everything is recommended, do not miss its addictive nigiris with unique combinations: salmon and smoked mask; scallop with chorizo salt; white fish with Bilbao; butterfish with truffle and spring onion; flambéed bull. Average price: 50 euros. Menus: 65 euros, 90 euros and 120 euros. Address: St. Augustine, 3.


Nomo Braganza

Opened in the neighborhood of Salesas at the end of 2020, it has good guarantees to enter a list of essential sushi. On the one hand, the 15 years of experience of this brand that started in Catalonia; on the other, a gastronomic offer led by the Japanese chef Naoyuki Haginoya that captivates the diner with the richness of Japanese cuisine and local products. As it could not be otherwise, sushi is one of the strengths, with a variety of makis and nigiris, which can also be taken in tasting trays. Don't miss the star of the house: salmon aburi, a Norwegian salmon nigiri flambéed with Japanese mayonnaise, salmon roe and pearl onion. Average price: 45 euros. Address: Bárbara de Braganza, 8.

Ugo Chan.

Ugo Chan

He is one of the most desired Japanese in Madrid. Behind him is Hugo Muñoz, traveled and tanned in a thousand stoves (from Abraham García's Viridiana to London's Zuma, passing through Ricardo Sanz's Kabuki Wellington), who interprets Japanese cuisine at his leisure. It has an omakase menu, which the chef designs according to the taste, appetite and even the hobbies of his guests, and a menu. This -changing, essential in this house attached to the product and the season- offers an extensive chapter dedicated to rice, with temakis and nigiris. Sample button are the tasty nigiri of white fish with Iberian pork fat and yuzo kosho; quail egg with Japanese shepherd crumbs; foie gras and eel and aged mirim, a tribute to the famous cremat by Martín Berasategui. Average price: 100-120 euros. Address: Felix Bois, 6.



Juan Alcaide and Pablo Álvaro has premiered this year, coinciding with its eighth anniversary, a spectacular premises of 800 square meters. A new space where Japanese cuisine looks better than ever fused with other cuisines of the world (from Peru to Thailand, passing through Mexico and Madrid) and with the great product -of the day- by flag. Thus, it is a unique experience to be guided by Juan and Pablo and enjoy the snacks that they prepare that day with what comes from the market. A must for tasting are their nigiris (with koshihikari rice). For example, the socarrat -inspired by the Valencian tradition- with white prawn from Huelva; the red mullet with its crispy spine or the Madrid tataki tataki with pickle. Average price: 90 euros. Address: Los Madrazo, 6.

Yoke The Bunker.

Yoke The Bunker

As soon as you enter this place of Japanese cuisine (a Michelin star since 2019) one already barrunta that awaits us a different experience in any of its spaces: the izakaya, that traditional Japanese tavern, and downstairs, the bunker inspired by a Japanese refuge of World War II. If the aesthetics are singular, so is its gastronomy, which revolves around the exclusive and high-end product, one of the obsessions of Julián Mármol, his sushiman and patron. It has two menus: Evolution (175 euros), a proposal full of novelties, and Classics of Bunker (145 euros), an anthology of snacks icons of the house in which there is no shortage of otoro nigiri with asetra caviar, agashi with chipotle and crystal shrimp, e kamatoro with tosazu and kaffir lime ... Address: San Blas, 4.

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