Jean-Luc Boujon (in Annecy) 06h55, 09 June 2023, modified at 07h02, 09 June 2023

Annecy residents are in shock since the stabbing attack on Thursday, June 8 and tributes are multiplying near the children's playground where the tragedy occurred. While residents came to lay some flowers, the meditations were quickly disrupted by far-right activists.

The stabbing attack in Annecy reporting six wounded including four children this Thursday has upset the Hexagon. Since the tragedy and the arrest of the Syrian assailant, many residents have taken the time to make a detour to the scene to pay their respects and pay soberly tribute to the victims. The tragic event that occurred at a children's playground near a slide is still a shock to most. Flowers and candles have been laid since Thursday. Yet the tributes were rocked by a far-right movement.

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"This political recovery is unacceptable"

"It's symbolic for me because I'm a mother of five children and for me, it was important to me to be there with my sister to be able to light these candles," said a resident before continuing with emotion: "I see the scene, the screams ... To me it's shocking. Just talking about it, I tremble." The calm and desolation, however, were short-lived. About fifty members of the extreme right quickly arrived near the scene of the tragedy. "The list of children of France victims of immigration has just grown," said a party member.

This politicization of the drama obviously "shocked" a good number of residents present on the spot as well. "The state and the government cannot be held responsible for such an event. Zero risk exists nowhere. This political recuperation is unacceptable. They have nothing to do there," lamented an Annecy woman. The far-right demonstrators were then dislodged by the police and the playground close to the lake was able to regain its calm. This Friday evening, a mass for the victims will be celebrated at St. Peter's Cathedral.