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In the style of Telegram channels or Instagram or Messenger broadcast channels, the WhatsApp messaging application has launched a feature that allows a select number of organizations to have broadcast 'channels' for their followers.

This launch comes at a time when institutions and organizations are disappointed with the changes in the social network Twitter since Elon Musk bought it, which implied the introduction of fees, problems for users and a drastic reduction in content moderation.

WhatsApp's parent company, Meta, described these channels as "a simple, reliable and private way to get news from people and organizations."

Meta has released a video to show the potential of these channels to disseminate information about football match results, weather forecasts and traffic updates, and even cooking tips or instructions on home repairs.

"We believe that the time has finally come to introduce a simple, reliable and private dissemination tool," said Meta.

Meta has indicated that private messages will continue to be the priority of WhatsApp, but that its users have been asking for a tool like these channels for years.

WhatsApp's messaging system is known for encrypting messages to protect them from spying and has about 2 billion users worldwide, according to the company.

This tool has been described as a one-way transmission system that allows account administrators to send texts, photos, videos and surveys.

Meta has chosen as partners for the launch the World Health Organization (WHO), the NGO Rescue Committee, and the football clubs FC Barcelona and Manchester City.

The tech giant has reported that it plans to gradually expand the channel service over the next few months.

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