Alexis Delafontaine - Photo Ludovic MARIN / AFP 12:30 pm, June 08, 2023, modified at 12:33 pm, June 08, 2023

After the knife attack in Annecy on Thursday morning, emotion seized the National Assembly, where debates were stopped to observe a minute of silence. Several young children were injured, some of whom are in absolute emergency Thursday noon.

Elisabeth Borne travels Thursday to Annecy, where at least seven people including six young children were injured Thursday by a man armed with a knife, announced Matignon. This tragedy caused a strong emotion in the National Assembly where a minute of silence was observed at the request of President Yaël Braun-Pivet "for them, for their families", after this "extremely serious attack".

While the atmosphere was stormy, the president stopped the debates to pay tribute to the victims and a minute of silence was observed. The debates then resumed in an atmosphere filled with sadness.

"An attack on our soul"

The deputy Antoine Armand, elected from Annecy, came out and shared his astonishment. "I would like to reiterate all the horror that we have as Annecians, as Haut-Savoyards, as French in front of this abominable attack that affects young children in the heart of Annecy, in the historic garden of the Parc du Pâquier. It was an attack on humanity that took place this morning. An attack on our soul quite simply. Where young children who were playing outside of school time were attacked by an individual. So what we want to say today is our solidarity with them."

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Faced with this tragedy, sadness has seized the National Assembly, she said that the Liot group has announced to withdraw its bill. Because all eyes are turned this Thursday to Annecy.