Louis de Raguenel, edited by Loane Nader // photo credit: OLIVIER CHASSIGNOLE / AFP 12:58 pm, June 08, 2023, modified at 13:04 pm, June 08, 2023

This Thursday, a 31-year-old man attacked several people including young children, in the city of Annecy. The attack was committed with a knife, causing absolute urgency as to the state of health of the victims, between life and death. The man is believed to be a Syrian asylum seeker of whom the French intelligence services were already aware.

The stabbing attack in Annecy left several people seriously injured, including many small children, who were playing in a park. The latter, as well as an elderly person also targeted, are between life and death at midday, this Thursday. The assailant is believed to be a 31-year-old Syrian man, born in his country of origin and seeking asylum since 28 November 2022 with the French Office for the Protection of Refugees and Stateless Persons.

According to information from Europe 1, the intelligence services of the DGSI had already made a study of his profile, but without noticing any worrying information. At the same time, the man also applied for asylum in Sweden, which granted him refugee status, which then allowed him to travel in all countries of the European Union. This man is thus in a legal situation on French territory, knowing that he had already spent 10 years in Sweden.

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A comeback of knife attacks

The attacker is currently in police custody where he expresses very confusing motives regarding his attack. Europe 1 has obtained a recent note from the DGSI, dated May 5, 2023, which warns against the new modus operandi promoted by terrorist organizations. There are testimonies of police officers fearing a return of knife attacks, which would help influence people before taking action. The intelligence of the Interior then alerted the authorities that same day against this type of attack.

Since 2012, 71 attacks have been foiled by the DGCI. 271 people died due to terrorist acts on French territory and 1,200 people were injured.