The images of a sexual encounter of a president of the government of any country with his current wife come to light in the news of maximum audience. The compromised private video was recorded four years ago, when the president was still married to his first wife. Overwhelmed by the scandal, the president intends to resign, while his wife chooses to fight the unfair smear campaign. The story, fictitious, although it could well be a real case, is the plot of Scandal in the Palace, the work that opens on June 11 at the Lara Theater that combines humor and social criticism with the particular acid, incisive and hilarious style of its author, Pedro Ruiz.

14 years after the writer, presenter and comedian wrote and performed this comedy himself in theaters throughout Spain, he now cedes the rights to Galician actors Iria Ares and Xoan C. Mejuto, who have updated and modernized the original text getting a more "close, funny and human" version, according to Pedro Ruiz.

Ruiz appears in it in a testimonial way: "They asked me to do a collaboration and I appear in a video in the role of a character who enters online. I am happy to have left the work because they are very serious people and they work very well, "he clarifies.

A lot of sport and little eating

The versatile artist currently has his own show Mi vida es una anécdote, which he presents throughout Spain. In addition, he is writing, composing and launching "another project that I can't talk about yet." He assures that he has "many concerns for the artistic world", but always finds a space to play sports. "I like it a lot and I do it when I can. I have a pool at home that I bathe in every day, even if it's two degrees. I do a somersault and go out. Sport is one of my techniques to be young and cold water, a source of health, "he says.

Another thing that, according to him, makes him in good shape is his diet: "I am a man of little food and thanks to that I have great health." What about cooking? "That's not what I'm good for, I don't even know where the fabada can opener is in my house. I am very little knowledgeable in culinary matters. I'm not very capricious and I like homemade food very much."

Very active on Twitter, the other day I wrote a reflection that, in reality, is a metaphor that, according to the humorist, is good for all areas: love, life, economy ..., because it is the theory of crises: "All situations in life usually have three phases: hunger, binge eating and diarrhea. First little, then too much and then almost nothing. Time insists on always turning the kibble around," he wrote.

What do you usually binge on? Of clams. When I can, I go somewhere that they put them. I love them. It's like not eating, because I eat little. I also like seafood, stews and legumes. I eat little meat, but not because of diet, but because I have never liked it very much. When do you think it's time to turn the kibble around? When it is burned at the bottom. Things should be neither too raw nor too done. And finding the point is certainly the mastery of the cooks, to whom I cannot give the slightest advice. They offer me seven million euros to go to MasterChef and I say no; First because I don't like reality shows and second because I take a frying pan and put it on my hat, I don't know what to do with it. Is the oven for buns in Spanish politics today? The oven is always on and the buns come permanently from different flours. I am not at all given to believe that what we live is something unique, history repeats itself. Also in the story there is hunger, binge eating and diarrhea. It's always the same, what happens is that the names, the circumstances change. What's got you fried? Especially the digital dictatorship. I have a mobile with which you can not send whatsapps or anything like that and I know 200 phones by heart that I dial when I want to call someone. The arrival of the digital dictatorship, and the subsequent artificial intelligence, will undoubtedly mean the end of the freedom of human beings. Little, things that affect us all, the death of a family member, illness ... What is or has been your sweetest moment? Always the eve of things, the eve of falling in love, the day of doing a project that you want, the one of arriving at a place. We are in my reflection from before: hunger, binge eating and diarrhea. Hunger is when you really want what you are going to eat, then, if you feel bad, it is another chapter ... Always the day before. That is happiness, repetition is a photocopy. Who would you invite to eat to meet him? Anyone I haven't spoken to. I have been lucky to have a very dense life, but, for example, I have never spoken to Rafael Nadal, he is a guy that I find admirable. That is, people who have a content that makes them unique and at the same time kind. I would also have liked to eat with Groucho, although it is not my time.Who would you never eat with? With one that poisoned me, the rest, with all.Who would you cook your best dish? At some point, although I do not cook nor am I a man of obsessions at all, I would have stewed what I would have asked of Jaqueline Bisset, who seemed to me to have navigable eyes. I am nothing mythomaniac but one day I coincided with her in a program of Nieves Herrero and I did not go to greet her, not because of bad education, but because I think that the little myths must be kept there, without touching them. A spider crab, shrimp... Almost all of them are things that give work when peeling them or reaching them, but that you do not get big bites. You know, I eat at least.Something you can't stand at the table? Let them speak loudly. When there are very loud voice conversations at the tables, communication is damaged. You can laugh and be funny, but loud conversations kick me out of the places.When was the last time you got like a tomato? Often. When I remember things from the past where I screwed up or made a fool of myselfass, I feel what I call retroactive blush, I get red from something that happened to me seven years ago. Cooking, no. Stealing, neither and designing something, because many times, because I go through life with the pad under the sobaco and taking notes, which made a girlfriend of mine and some friends call me 'the illustrated sobaco'. Who do you think is the parsley of all the sauces of Spanish society? There are several names, but I don't want to harm anyone. At present, and I say this with great affection towards her, there have been times when Spain could have been called 'Obregonia'. And with dates and quince... (laughter). There are many topics for which I seem prepared and I am not.What keeps your appetite going? A favorite restaurantIn Madrid I go to a Galician one called A Veira Do Mar (Lope de Haro, 22), they have good seafood, a homemade atmosphere with checkered tablecloths ... I went to the Txistu a lot and Lucio is another one that I like a lot. But what I do tell you is that you will never find me in a modern restaurant with deconstructed food and with a maître d' who gives a concert before you eat a pea... I'm not going there.

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