Tim Cook doesn't beat around the bush. " It's going to be a historic day," he says at the start of the opening conference of the company's worldwide developer conference, an event that used to attract more than 5,000 developers from around the world to California each year but that after the pandemic has become a hybrid event, with a smaller face-to-face part and a large number of virtual conferences.

The enthusiasm is justified. It's not every year Apple launches a new product category and platform. They are counted, in fact, on the fingers of one hand: the Mac, the iPhone, the iPad, the Apple Watch ... From now on, also, Apple Vision Pro, the first virtual reality headset of the company. "The first Apple product that you don't look at directly, but through it."

These are augmented reality glasses that allow you to see the real world thanks to external cameras, but on which you can superimpose apps or games through floating screens that can be resized to occupy the entire physical space of the field of vision.

The glasses, which resemble ski goggles, have an external screen on the front that allows you to show the user's eyes, to maintain cular contact when talking to another person with them on, or that show a small animation that indicates to others that at that moment the user is immersed in a virtual experience.

The control system is revolutionary. The glasses are able to know where the wearer is looking and detect hand movement to perform specific functions such as selecting or moving objects. If the user looks at a Mac screen, it automatically extends it to a larger virtual space.

All interface elements and different apps can be arranged in the viewing space. Apple has shown off some use cases, such as the ability to browse the web or watch a movie in a huge virtual movie theater.

During the event, Bob Iger, CEO of Disney, announced that the company plans to create experiences and content for the glasses. "They're going to allow people to approach our characters in a completely different way." Disney+, the company's video streaming app, will be available from day one on the glasses.

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