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Person dressed as an alien at the UFO festival in New Mexico (image from 2021)

Photo: Patrick T. Fallon / AFP

At a first public meeting, a group of experts from the US space agency Nasa spoke out in favour of more and better data on observations of unidentified flying objects. The study of "Unidentified Aerial Phenomena" (UAP) is "extremely important" for safety reasons, among other things, said Nasa manager Dan Evans at a press conference after the four-hour meeting on Wednesday.

Many UAPs from the past could not be solved because the data on them were too small and of too poor quality, said his colleague David Spergel. In the future, therefore, more and better recordings and data will be needed. So far, there is no evidence that UAPs are connected to extraterrestrial life, Spergel emphasized.

16 experts selected by NASA are now to present a study on how to proceed in the investigation of UAPs. The study was coordinated with the U.S. government, NASA said, but was independent of the U.S. Department of Defense's work in this regard together with intelligence agencies.

In recent years, the Pentagon has presented reports that there are no explanations for dozens of celestial phenomena from the past two decades – but also no evidence of secret technology from other countries or extraterrestrial life. The Pentagon had also criticized insufficient data. For the first time in decades, there had also been a hearing in Congress.