• Creators These are the mobiles in which WhatsApp stops working correctly since June 1

In recent days, information has circulated on social networks that claimed that WhatsApp could loop and block if we received a message and clicked on it. That message was the following, 'wa.me/settings', a text that led us to a link that when clicked crashed the application and forced the closure of WhatsApp and even our phone.

Well, that 'bomb message' exists but it is not the one that had been spread but a very similar one: 'wa.me/channel'. If at any time you receive it in a conversation do not panic because by itself it is not dangerous. Of course, do not click on it as it will lead you to a link that can cause the app and your terminal to enter a fatal loop.

This link is not designed as malware. Let's not seek to damage your mobile or cause any harm but inadvertently activates a failure of the application, which tries to open a channel without having the name of that channel, also using a function that is not fully developed yet, so this generates an infinite loop of requests and errors that ends up 'breaking' the app.

The problem, which for now only affects Android, begins to consume terminal resources in that infinite loop. This causes the phone's RAM to overflow and end up blocking it.

This bug in the application will surely be corrected in future updates of Meta but until then be very careful with what you click.

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