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Necklace made of tooth of a megalodon

Photo: Magellan / Youtube

Sunken ships hold treasures. They can preserve traces of past life, are the lost places under water. The wreck of the Titanic is one of them, it fascinates many. But unlike houses that have been abandoned for decades, the sunken ship cannot be entered so easily, other methods are needed. Submarines scanned it, making a discovery possible: a necklace was found that had not been seen since the sinking of the Titanic in 1912. At least that's what the Magellan company, which carried out the scan on the wreck, writes. CNN, for example, had reported.

The company, which specializes in deep-sea research, says it took 700,000 images of the wreck, which they then stitched together to create a moving scan. (You can see a video about it here). On it they found the necklace – which is said to be made from the tooth of a megalodon with incorporated gold decorations. The megalodon is an extinct shark that is considered one of the most powerful predators of all time.

An agreement between the United Kingdom and the United States prohibits the public from removing artifacts from the wreck and surrounding soil, according to a statement. Magellan's team was therefore not allowed to touch the wreck on the seabed and had to leave the necklace on site.

The company tried to track down the owner of the chain – and used artificial intelligence to do so, it is said. For example, it wanted to make contact with the family members of the passengers who were on board when the ship sank. Using facial recognition and artificial intelligence, Magellan also evaluates footage of passers entering the ship – including the clothes they were wearing.

In the film adaptation of the sinking of the Titanic with Leonardo di Caprio and Kate Winslet, a necklace plays a role, but it is not and the now discovered necklace, it is said. Nevertheless, Richard Parkinosn, CEO of the company, describes the find as "amazing, beautiful and breathtaking".