• AI ChatGPT could leave the European Union if it cannot comply with EU rules on artificial intelligence

Using ChatGPT on mobile is a little easier today. OpenAI launched a few days ago the first official app of the tool for iOS and, from today, it is available in Spain. There's also an Android version on the way, though the company hasn't yet confirmed when it will be available.

Until now it was only possible to use ChatGPT within the OpenAI website. It could be done from the mobile web browser, of course, but the process is somewhat more cumbersome than using a native app.

The limitation, in fact, had encouraged the emergence of dozens of applications that offered a "native" app experience to use on the phone and in many cases from developers with a bad reputation. These apps often had very high prices or subscription systems even though they were not really offering a differential experience that any user could get by visiting the OpenAI website.

The app is free but access to the most advanced features of ChatGPT, such as the GPT4 engine, requires a subscription through the company's website or the app itself.

One of the advantages of using this app, however, is that you can make queries without having to type, using only your voice. OpenAI uses its Whisper transcription engine to transcribe the phrase and displays the ChatGPT response on the screen.

"With the ChatGPT application for iOS, we take another step in our mission to transform the latest advances in AI into useful and accessible tools," they explain from the company.

ChatGPT has become the most successful and popular face of the AI revolution. Launched in November 2022, this tool allows conversation in natural language with a long language model, a system that imitates the way people speak and is able to understand the context of the answers.

Although the results often contain false information or important errors, it is a useful tool, above all, to summarize texts or create them from a few indications. Both Microsoft — which is now the largest investor in OpenAI — and Google have integrated this capability into many of their applications using OpenAI tools or, in Google's case, similar language models.

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