Europe 1 with AFP 15:00 pm, May 29, 2023

Saturday morning, the body of a young woman was discovered in a stream in Morbihan. The custody of a man "for the purpose of verifications", was lifted on Monday, announced the prosecutor's office of Lorient indicating that "the investigation continues".

The custody of a man, questioned after the discovery of the body of a young woman Saturday morning in a stream in Lanester, Morbihan, has been lifted, announced Monday the prosecutor's office of Lorient indicating that "the investigation continues".

This man, described Sunday by the prosecutor's office as "close to the family entourage of the victim", was in custody since Saturday evening "for the purpose of verification", had said Sunday the prosecutor of the Republic of Lorient Stéphane Kellenberger. "After the checks carried out by the police investigators of Lorient, the custody of the man of about thirty years, was lifted on May 28 in the evening," said the magistrate in an email to the media. "The investigation is obviously continuing, especially with the autopsy scheduled for tomorrow (Tuesday), various technical and scientific investigations in progress," he added.

"Criminal investigation in flagrance" opened "against X", for "voluntary homicide"

The young woman, born in 1999 and originally from the region of Lorient, was "totally unknown until then to the justice services in any capacity whatsoever," said Sunday the prosecutor. He had also announced the opening by the prosecutor of Lorient of "a criminal investigation in flagrance, against X" for "voluntary homicide".

The body of the victim was discovered by walkers Saturday morning in the waters of Blavet. According to the newspaper Le Télégramme of Monday which quotes witnesses, a few hours earlier, the young woman would have been seen in the night from Friday to Saturday in a bar of Lorient in the presence of three men. The latter were reportedly seen heading together with her to a hotel.

According to the Telegram, the victim, holder of a BTS computer services, would have been 24 years old in June. According to Ouest France, she was originally from Guidel where her mother holds a position of responsibility at the town hall.