Everyone seems to want these days a chatbot, a conversational interface with which to take advantage of an artificial intelligence that helps do all kinds of tasks, and the latest company to join the trend is none other than TikTok, the popular video platform.

In a brief publication on its official Twitter account, the company has confirmed that it is working on an artificial intelligence that will be called Tako and that it has begun testing with a small number of users in the Philippines.

This chatbot will use a long language model (the "engine" of these artificial intelligence tools, such as GPT in the case of ChatGPT and Bing, PaLM2 in the case of Bard) created by a third company but will be focused on helping users search for videos and content in a more personalized way than what the app's search field offers so far.

Tako, for example, can give additional data about the video a user is currently watching and suggest related videos. This is an experimental feature and the company warns that the results in conversations can have errors. "You shouldn't rely on them for medical, legal or financial advice," they explain during the activation process. It also asks that no private information be shared, as conversations are evaluated during the testing phase.

TikTok's decision to integrate this chatbot is not the first flirtation with the possibilities of artificial intelligence. The company that owns the platform, ByteDance, already used filters with generative AI engines in videos, for example, or machine learning techniques in its content recommendation algorithm, considered one of the company's greatest assets.

But the inclusion of this new tool seems to confirm that in the world of technology, conversational interfaces in natural language are the next step. Other social networks, such as Snapchat, have also recently integrated chatbots as part of their offering. Major productivity applications and even operating systems will also begin to integrate sales this year in which it is possible to have a conversation with an AI to help in the work process or when looking for information about system settings.

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