Japanese, Italian, castizos, steakhouses, fusion, traditional, with spectacle, something more sophisticated or with stars ... each of the Madrid candidates for Mayor and Presidency of the Community has their favorites when it comes to enjoying the great gastronomic variety that characterizes the region. We go through several of those recommended by politicians.

Isabel Díaz Ayuso (PP)

There are many times that the president of the Community of Madrid has declared not having time to cook, so she usually orders ready-made food from bars and restaurants near where she lives. She was recently seen picking up her dinner herself at Ni Subo Ni Bajo (García de Paredes, 35; Tel. 914 48 87 38), a local tapas and traditional Galician cuisine in the Chamberí neighborhood. However, when he goes out for lunch or dinner, Ayuso likes to pay homage to himself in renowned places:

Ugo Chan. This small establishment with capacity for about 25 people has become one of the trendiest Japanese restaurants in the capital, opened by Spanish chef Hugo Muñoz two years ago. It highlights its sushi bar in the purest Japanese spirit with all kinds of nigiris, but also its changing menu with fusion dishes of traditional Spanish and Japanese cuisine. Specialties such as gyoza de callos a la madrileña, meatballs with cuttlefish or sole with meunière de yuzu and capers from Menorca have earned him a Michelin star. Felix Boix, 6. Tel. 913 50 65 78. Average price: 80-120 euros.

Japanese dish Ugo Chan.

The Corral de la Morería. Ayuso herself attended the reopening of the legendary flamenco tablao, the oldest in Spain, when it celebrated its 65th anniversary in May 2021. The establishment, which has a Michelin star and three suns from the Repsol Guide, has two haute cuisine gastronomic spaces. In the restaurant of the same name, with four tables, chef David García (disciple of Martín Berasategui and Ferran Adrià) designs a personalized proposal exclusively for up to eight people (price: 85 euros without pairing). For its part, the Tablao restaurant, located in the stage area, offers a simultaneous experience of show and dinner with five varied menus (from 49.95 euros). Morería, 17; Tel.913 65 11 37.

Charrúa. Sophisticated rustic style grill that boasts of being one of the best grills in the city, with meats prepared in firewood that give that smoky touch. Count of Xiquena, 4; Tel.912 79 16 01. Average price: 60 euros.

Juan Lobato (PSOE)

The candidate for the presidency of the Community of Madrid has El Rocío del Soto, a bar in the town of Soto Del Real, as a weakness. "It is a classic run by a family in which I was working as a waiter for five years while I was going to university," says the politician. The place has been converted into a place of food at home famous for its roast chickens, its Andalusian fritters, its tripe and its beans. "And they have a menu of variants with olives and banderillas that deserves to be tried from start to finish." Calle Real, 5, Soto del Real, Madrid; Tel. 918 47 73 86. Average price: 25 euros.

Mónica García (More Madrid)

The candidate for the Community highlights among her favorites Los Torreznos de Blázquez, an institution in the capital that has three locations. His specialty, of course, is his torreznos, which are made as they were made in La Hija de Dios, hometown of José Luis Blázquez, founder of the establishment. López de Hoyos, 149; Tel. 914 13 66 47. Average price: 25 euros.

Ration of torreznos.

Rocío Monasterio (VOX)

Fairly simple places like Havana Blues or Bar Roca have attracted the Green Party candidate for the presidency of Madrid. The first is a Cuban homemade restaurant, where there is no shortage of fried plantains, Cuban sandwiches, ropa vieja, papas arrugás with mojo picón and tropical fruit smoothies made right there. All this in a cheerful atmosphere accompanied by music from the Caribbean country. P.º of Sta. María de la Cabeza, 56. Tel. 915 39 45 89. Average price: 20 euros.

For its part, Bar Roca is a cafeteria located in the Cobo Calleja polygon to eat something fast, such as pinchos, sandwiches, rations. Matarrosa, 12, Fuenlabrada. Average price: 10 euros.

Alejandra Jacinto (Podemos)

The candidate of Podemos-IU-Alianza Verde frequents a place in the Sierra, specifically in Rascafría, which is called El Barondillo, a typical stone mountain restaurant that stands out for its traditional homemade cuisine: tripe casseroles with chickpeas, revolconas potatoes with torreznos, rice, puff pastry and grilled meats. Cuesta del Chorro, 4, Rascafría; Tel. 642 69 15 18. Average price: 30 euros.

El Barondillo, in Rascafría.

José Luis Martínez-Almeida (PP)

For the mayor of the capital there are two restaurants to which he is regular: Richelieu and Mayflower, they are "two classics that never fail". Richelieu is a traditional bar with more than 50 years in the neighborhood of Almagro in Chamberí with a splendid terrace on the sidewalk of Eduardo Dato that overflows on weekends at aperitif time and after work. You can take from tapas and rations to a menu of the day with meat and fish. Eduardo Dato, 11; Tel. 913 08 25 67. Average price: 30 euros.

Mayflower is another classic near the Santiago Bernabeu stadium that offers Spanish cuisine. Among its most recognized specialties, grilled octopus with potato cream, oxtail brioche and Russian salad with prawns. Rodriguez Marin, 92; Tel. 915 64 67 79. Average price: 30 euros.

Interior of Richelieu.

Javier Ortega Smith (VOX)

The mayoral candidate highlights La Esquina de Vinaroz, for its great traditional and Madrid cuisine. This classic bullfighting tavern next to the National Music Auditorium offers everything from tapas, pinchos and rations to menus of the day. Saturday is the day of the stew, one of the most recognized in Madrid. Vinaroz, 28; Tel. 672 63 30 48. Average price: 30 euros.

Gracias Padre offers "quality Mexican food at a good price," according to the politician. In its place of tropical atmosphere, the tacos stand out: of meat and tatemado chili, of barbecue of cheek of beef to the pot, to the shepherd, of carnitas, of crispy fish ... José Ortega y Gasset, 55; Tel. 910 66 00 85. Average price: 20 euros.

Reyes Maroto (PSOE)

The bars of the Plaza de Olavide have been the gastronomic refuge of the former Minister of Industry, Commerce and Tourism and current candidate for mayor for a long time: "When I worked at the consulting firm Analistas Financieros Internacionales (AFI), on Españoleto Street, I went there routinely on Fridays to have a potato omelette." Now, he says that he goes a lot to Al Oeste del Pisco, a bar for tapas and menu of the day, with good grilled meats and fish, near his home in Alcorcón. Av. las Retamas, 80, 82, Alcorcón; Tel. 916 44 24 65. Price: 15 euros barbecue for two people.

Rita Maestre (More Madrid)

Until her owner died, the current councilor of the City Council of the capital was a regular at Nina Pasta Bar, an Italian family home cooking with fresh pasta and recipes from Adriana Restano's grandmother in the neighborhood of Lavapiés. After his death, another Italian (Mandarosso) has taken the baton, but politics has no longer been able to go. For the curious, the new place still maintains some details of the previous stage, such as the incoming crocchette di Adriana. Among its main dishes there are now Sicilian lasagna, stracciatella with smoked sardine or fusillotti with pistachio pesto, among others. Santa Ana, 21; Tel. 910 29 40 97. Average price: 35 euros.

The famous bravas of Docamar.

Roberto Sotomayor (Podemos)

His favorite bar is the traditional Docamar, "because he has the best patatas bravas in Madrid and has spent many hours with his friends there." The bar in the Pueblo Nuevo district is simple and also serves paellas and other dishes of typical Madrid and, above all, homemade cuisine. Alcalá, 337; Tel. 913 67 83 17. Average price: 13.50 euros the menu of the day.

Begoña Villacís (Citizens)

The current councilor of the City Council of Madrid, chooses the coffee of Taste Gallery in the Plaza de San Miguel, 8. For dinner, the Taberna los Gallos, the restaurant in the alley of Jorge Juan, with live music and seafood and traditional Spanish cuisine on its menu. Puigcerda, 6; Tel. 914 31 06 47. Average price: 40 euros.

For a drink, Válgame Dios, the bar decorated with photos of models and haute couture garments in Chueca. Augusto Figueroa, 43; Tel. 917 01 03 41.

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