The second part of our guide to one of the coolest neighborhoods in Madrid, Las Salesas, which boasts a perfect mix of sport, gastronomy, shopping and art. Traditional and contemporary, we tell you the places where you have to go.


Ferdinand VI, 23. Tel. 91 515 67 19

It is a modality of indoor cycling arrived from Mexico a few years ago and already has many followers. It proposes a different way of doing stationary bicycle, since different choreographies are practiced to the rhythm of music and with a play of lights, as in a disco. As Leticia Oderiz, head of communication at the center, explains, "we dance on the bike in a dark room and with instructors who are like rockstars. The feeling of adrenaline makes you live an incredible experience. We work our whole body, we even use dumbbells to strengthen arms and back, and we play with endurance, speed, strength and flexibility."


St. Teresa, 5. Tel. 91 112 35 36

One of the Made in Spain brands with more international projection has in this neighborhood a space full of charm and personality, where you can buy some of its key pieces such as bags, shoes or costume jewelry that, although it has a smaller production, also enjoys great success. The brand defines itself as a coherent and sustainable luxury, and as revealed by its creator Ana Carrasco "we use quality materials and rescue traditional techniques and artisans of local production, to create an honest and simple luxury. We work hand in hand with the best artisans in our workshop in Madrid".


Piedmont, 5. Tel. 91 577 90 59

It is a space dedicated to the world of the dog, which even has an area where you can take your own selfie. The place is very focused on the health, aesthetics and well-being of the pets of the house, and in it you can find a multitude of brands of accessories for them, as well as a wide range of handmade products that "seek to last over time, in a sustainable and functional way", as they tell us. As a plus, it houses hairdresser and spa with therapeutic treatments such as aromatherapy or ozone therapy.


Bethlehem, 15. Tel. 697 80 45 08

It has just completed a year in the capital, and proposes a training system for life that combines body, mind and soul in its clear and striking motto "Train for Hapiness". Its founder is Ale Llosa, creator of a discipline that fuses four others: martial arts, military training, boxing and yoga. The place has two spaces, one to practice KO, and another for different versions of yoga. Here no matter the age, or the moment of life that each one is living, everyone is welcome to try this discipline.


Ferdinand VI, 10. Phone 91 438 08 19

It strictly fulfills the motto "we create content, products and services focused on promoting your well-being and that of the environment", and therefore it is considered a temple of wellness, with the confidence of numerous fitness brands, both national and international, such as veja, Casall and Port de Bras, food such as Four Sigmatic, or books of healthy recipes and sports . It also has a beauty space that brings together a selection of top brands such as Diana Montoya, Be-tamins jelly beans or Rowse products, among others.


Argensola, 2. Tel. 91 310 44 18

It is a store that takes you to the past, is specialized in analog photography, with more than 20 years of experience. In its place of great personality it is possible to find cameras and films of all formats and brands. As a plus, they also reveal all kinds of reels, and organize interesting photographic workshops that can be hired in a group or personalized way.


Ferdinand VI, 2. Tel. 91 032 71 94

In this neighborhood there is also room for beauty, with this cult perfume boutique reminiscent of the old laboratories. Originally from New York, it markets body, hair and face products made with plant ingredients and that have not been tested on animals. As a plus, you can customize the labels of their perfumes.

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Route through the most 'chic' neighborhood of Madrid


Route through the most 'chic' neighborhood of Madrid


Ferdinand VI, 2. Tel. 91 308 02 31

It has two premises connected to each other, which house a shop and a café, with a totally different decoration, but with the sweet as a common denominator. It is a classic of the classics in Madrid where you can buy a croissant, lemon cake, a chocolate palm tree, chocolates or millefeuille among other things. A space suitable for sweet tooths where you can enjoy the delights of Oriol Balaguer, who took over this emblematic pastry shop after the retirement of its previous owner.


St. Matthew, 16. Tel. 91 310 00 98

This gallery founded in 2003 by Inés López-Quesada and Silvia Ortiz exhibits modern works of sociopolitical themes, signed by both established and emerging artists. Their goal is to make Spanish artists known, although they also pay a lot of attention to Mexicans, since they have another gallery in Mexico City.


San Lorenzo, 4. Tel. 91 210 94 11

It is a restaurant without great pretensions devised by two friends faithful to a gastronomic concept based on good raw materials. They are Carmen and José, who, wanting to make good food, created "a place without ties and without complexes. A kitchen project of temporality and sustainability from the point of view of technology." The proposal stands out for its good work, its tasty recipes and its blackboard with the dishes of the day.


Ferdinand VI, 17. Tel. 699 56 09 18

Betting on a timeless wardrobe concept that seeks elegance and sophistication without sacrificing daily comfort, it is apremium and sustainable men's fashion store that manufactures basic, comfortable and combinable garments. Founded in 2019, this family business already has 50 multi-brand points of sale internationally, with the United Kingdom, the USA and Japan as the main markets. As María Gómez, one of the partners, explains, "our collections are made up of garments made of organic cotton of high grammage and a wide color palette, which combine perfectly with what we call 'a revision of classic patterns' made in technical fabrics and with careful details".


St. Luke, 13. Tel. 91 879 42 25

In its large premises divided into four spaces: PAM! It is the area where the bakery and sweets to take away are located; Bruto Café is the cafeteria where you can taste specialty coffees with a snack; an area dedicated to teaching very varied cooking courses and various showcookings and the Fermakers area, its own ferment laboratory where they make their own Kombucha.


Genoa, 1. Tel. 646 57 34 40

The most famous cakes in Madrid have just opened a new store on the boulevards. Its creator is Paula Babiano, who thus embarks on a new adventure, combining the new space with the other tea room, of the same French style, which she owns in the Barrio de Salamanca, where she offers breakfast, lunch and snacks. Let no one leave without trying their famous truffles.


Almagro, 26. Tel. 640 12 97 48

A little away from the center of the Salesas neighborhood appears this newly opened beauty center by the Brazilian Fernanda Silva, who has become famous for body massages that combine modern remodeling techniques with traditional lymphatic drainage. It has a premises of more than 500m2 divided into two floors, with five cabins and, soon, a space to practice yoga and pilates.

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