Artificial intelligence: Google opens its Bard chatbot to 180 countries

Alphabet boss Sundar Pichai at the group's annual conference on May 10 in Mountain View. AP - Jeff Chiu

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Google on Wednesday opened its Bard generative artificial intelligence chatbot to 180 countries in English and announced the upcoming integration of this technology capable of creating content on demand, in everyday language, to many other platforms, including online search.


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We've been primarily an artificial intelligence company for seven years and we're at a turning point ». On the occasion of the annual conference of Alphabet, parent company of Google, Sundar Pichai unveiled this Wednesday the products based on artificial intelligence developed in particular to compete with Microsoft in this market. "For some time now, we have been making our products radically more useful thanks to generative AI, following a bold and responsible approach," boasted the boss of the group in front of thousands of people gathered in his amphitheater in Mountain View.

The November release of the ChatGPT interface — designed by California-based startup OpenAI, mostly funded by Microsoft — launched a frantic race for generative AI. Google responded with its own interface, Bard, which opened to the public at the end of March. On Wednesday, the company announced that the chatbot is now available in 180 countries worldwide. Usable only in English for the moment, the chatbot will soon be able to converse in 40 languages and must become multimedia, that is to say be able to integrate images into the questions of Internet users and in its answers.

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The world leader in digital advertising also showed how online search will gradually change, with written answers to users' questions above traditional links, and the possibility of exchanging with the interface, asking for details, for example. The new Google is due to arrive in the coming weeks, the company has opened a waiting list on which you must register to use it in a few weeks.

The Californian group is also developing extensions to Bard, so that users can interact with the robot directly from the Maps mapping application, the Gmail mailbox or the online word processor Docs. Customers of its cloud business are not forgotten, with tools for companies that want to design their own generative AI-based tools (search, chatbots, etc.) for their applications, with their own data.


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