Reyno Gourmet brings to the capital one of the most anticipated gastronomic events of the season: the Asparagus Route of Navarra and the Artichoke of Tudela, in which twenty restaurants in Madrid will participate. Over the course of a month (from April 25 to May 25), 23 establishments, from Michelin stars to traditional canteens, grills and taverns, will present their own recipes with these two emblematic products of the garden of Navarra as protagonists.

Among the participants in this route that highlights two of the most versatile and demanded seasonal vegetables from the garden of Navarra are A'Barra, Asador Guetaria, El invernadero de Rodrigo de la Calle, Casa Ciriaco, La Casa del Abuelo, La Manduca de Azagra or Voraz. The different chefs will propose at least one dish in their menus with asparagus (under the PGI Espárrago de Navarra, with white color and soft texture) or artichoke from Tudela, cooked in a simple and traditional way or in more daring elaborations. Some will even put the two vegetables together on a single plate.

Candied artichoke from El Invernadero.

The elaboration presented by the chef Sergio Manzano in A'Barra (1 Michelin Star and 2 Repsol Suns): asparagus from Navarra with Joselito jowls, a touch of spring and cured yolk and pistachio. For his part, the also award-winning chef Rodrigo de la Calle, proposes in El Invernadero (one Star) his dish of artichokes candied with truffle beurre blanc.

At the Amano restaurant, white asparagus from Navarra is served with almond mazamorra, almond oil, fruits, Arabian lemon and herring eggs, while Alabaster will present two dishes: grilled white asparagus with peanut sauce and yolk gel and artichokes confit with prawn ragout.

For those who prefer these vegetables in a traditional way, in La Casa del Abuelo, white asparagus is served with only mayonnaise sauce on the side and in Casa Alberto, they do it the Madrilenian way: cooked white asparagus, with a paprika garlic and a fried egg.

The asparagus dish from La Cocina del Abuelo.

Below, the restaurants that participate in the Route of the Asparagus of Navarra and the Artichoke of Tudela:

  • A'Barra (Pinar, 15)
  • Alabaster (Montalbán, 9)
  • Amano (Plaza Matute, 4)
  • Grill Guetaria (Aviador Zorita, 8)
  • Berria (Plaza de la Independencia, 6)
  • Betelu, (Florencio Llorente, 27)
  • Bistronomika (Ibiza 44)
  • Casa Alberto (Huertas, 18)
  • Casa Ciriaco (Calle Mayor, 84)
  • Casa Julián (Don Ramón de la Cruz, 12)
  • Cebo (Carrera de San Jerónimo, 34)
  • The greenhouse of Rodrigo de la Calle (Ponzano, 35)
  • Joselito's (Velázquez, 30)
  • Grandpa's House (Victoria, 12)
  • The kitchen in front (Ibiza, 40)
  • The orchard of Tudela (Prado, 15)
  • The manduca of Azagra (Sagasta, 14)
  • La Retasca (Ibiza, 38)
  • The Cattle (Orfila, 3)
  • Piantao (Paseo de la Chopera, 69)
  • Taberna Verdejo (General Díaz Porlier, 59)
  • Tricycle (Santa Maria, 28)
  • Voracious (Ferdinand the Saint, 25)
  • According to the criteria of The Trust Project

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