There was no sorpasso in Las Rozas. Jenkin?s won the prize for best burger in the Madrid edition of The Champions Burger, the contest that seeks the best burger in Europe.

The Valencian local was one of the favorites among the 19 foodtrucks that played the pass to the final, which will take place in June at the Levante stadium in Valencia.

"It's a dream for us, Madrid is a very difficult place," says Diego Esteban, owner of the brand. In total, the public has consumed more than 100,000 hamburgers and has selected the Valencians as the winners of the Madrid chapter of the Champions League. The second have been La Muralla, from Villareal, and Torriko, from Villena.

The key to victory, according to Esteban, has been "being very awake from the beginning" of the competition. "Every morning we did a briefing with the team before going to the food truck," he says. A meeting to face days in which they have come to cook more than 1,800 hamburgers: "It is a championship that puts you to the limit," he says.

Selling more than 1,000 hamburgers in a day is a logistical and coordination challenge. "It's very difficult to maintain quality from the first burger," he says. "We worked hard to make the burger go well despite the volume," he adds.

A detail of the winning burger.E. M.

Five people, plus himself and his brother, have been responsible for carrying out the more than 10,000 hamburgers they have sold throughout the competition. Record figures that not only represent an image boost and that position the brand.

They are also an economic boost despite the extra expense of renting a refrigerated truck for the goods, several vans and the accommodation of the workers. "Economically the balance is positive," confirms Esteban.

For this contest, the hamburger restaurant has brought an exclusive bite that it does not sell in its restaurants in Valencia. "You have to wear something different," says Esteban. His bet has been a burger that combines meat, with a yolk at low temperature, kimchi, peanut mayonnaise and a thick bacon cooked at low temperature so that it has a texture similar to bacon.

The crunchy touch is given with caramelized peanuts, a kind of tribute from Esteban to his grandmother, who "liked them very much". All crowned with a bread inspired by the typical potato buns of American hamburgers and that has taken them months to perfect to be able to release it in this competition.

Esteban and his team spent several weeks testing until they got the hamburger they wanted to present to this contest. "Anque is a hamburger has a lot of cuisine behind," defends the owner of the place. The result, he says, "is taken in four bites, it can't last any longer."

Jenkins, also winner of the 2022 edition, has three stores in Valencia, but does not rule out opening one in Madrid before 2024. After this victory, "it would be a dream" to open a restaurant in the capital.

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