It is Holy Week and, as tradition dictates, it is the season of torrijas, the favorite sweet of the people of Madrid at this time of year. According to the Association of Artisan Entrepreneurs of the Pastry sector of Madrid (ASEMPAS), at the end of Lent 2023, around seven million units of this food will have been sold in our region, whose origin is in the use of leftover bread that had hardened.

Today, this simple poor food in the past has become, in many cases, a sophisticated morsel that goes beyond a piece of bread soaked in milk or wine with cinnamon and sugar. Renowned bakeries and restaurants compete every year to elaborate and present their best bets for all types of palates. Even the big supermarket chains have jumped on the bandwagon and offer their own elaborations every season (the best, according to the OCU here).

Creativity has no limits and so you can find, in addition to the traditional ones, other more innovative ones, such as those baked, based on roscón de Reyes or brioche bread, cocoa), dulce de leche, Catalan cream, gluten-free, cream-filled, lactose-free ... We propose a tour between pastry shops and restaurants to try the best artisan torrijas in Madrid.


Maudes, 11. Phone: 673 65 92 99. Price: 4 euros.

This homemade takeaway food place has just won the award for the Best Torrija of restoration of the Community of Madrid of 2023, a contest organized by the Association of Chefs and Confectioners of Madrid (ACYRE Madrid). Martín Martínez is the architect of this version made with fresh milk, cream and butter bun that infuses throughout the night for the next day, once cold, it is fried and wrapped subtly with sugar and cinnamon.

Balearic rice

Av. Juan Antonio Samaranch, 67C. Telephone: 914 53 77 98. Price: 8 euros

In the same contest, the caramelized torrija served in the Valdebebas restaurant has been awarded as the best in the Innovation category. The local chef, Xavi Gaspà, makes it with brioche bread that infuses with milk and cream and with vanilla from Madagascar, lemon peel and sugar. It is accompanied by a Catalan vanilla cream.

El Riojano

Major, 10. Tel.: 913 66 44 82. Price: 4,20 euros

The centennial pastry shop of Madrid has the best traditional torrija in the Community in 2023, according to the results of the contest carried out by the Association of Artisan Entrepreneurs of the Pastry sector of Madrid (ASEMPAS). Soaked in wine or milk, they can also be ordered at home.

La Oriental

Ferraz, 47. Phone: 910 34 20 52. Price: 3,50 euros

More than six years ago this artisan pastry shop with several stores in Madrid began to produce gluten-free products. Its torrija, lactose-free and cow's milk protein-free, puff with gluten-free soy drink, won this year's award from the Association of Artisan Entrepreneurs of the Pastry sector of Madrid in the Gluten-Free category.

Mifer Pastry

Virgen del Coro, 15. Tel.: 914 03 25 80. Price: 3,50 euros

Located in the district of Ciudad Lineal, this bakery with its own bakery has also been awarded for its renowned traditional torrija, specifically last year. They have three varieties: milk, Catalan cream and wine.


Donoso Cortés, 8. Tel.: 914 45 56 13. Price: 3.90 euros.

The innovative laboratory oven specialized in 100% sourdough bakery, gourmet pastries and haute pastry presents a rather unusual torrija, but that has gained many followers. They are made from roscón de Reyes (Vanille brioche bread with orange blossom water), soaked in fresh milk infused with vanilla pods Bourbon from Madagascar, lemon and orange, and rested in Madrid vermouth honey. Finally they are baked. They can be ordered at home or taken at your café in Santa Engracia, 143.


P.º de la Castellana, 12. Telephone: 916 70 94 95. Price: 4-6,50 euros

Torrija by Robuchon Madrid.

The restaurant's proposal is based on traditional elaboration. Brioche bread and bathed in meringue milk infused in vanilla and then fried and battered in sugar and cinnamon, can be enjoyed in the restaurant accompanied by vanilla ice cream or taken home.


Juan Bravo, 21. Tel.: 912 680 588. Price: 7 euros.

Not only does it make one of the best roscones de Reyes in Madrid, this workshop with several shops, including El Corte Inglés in Castellana, specializes in artisanal bread and, for three years, has also made torrijas. Based on the dough of its award-winning roscón, bathed at least one night in milk infused with lemon peel, honey, cinnamon and vanilla, the sweet ends up being baked instead of fried and sprinkled with the typical mixture of sugar and ground cinnamon, maintaining its characteristic flavor.

Vienna Chaplains

Multiple addresses. Price: 5 euros.

The company with 25 stores in the capital has received this year from the aforementioned ASEMPAS the award for the most innovative torrija in Madrid, for its limited edition variety of gold caramel chocolate with raspberry crunch, created by its master pastry chef Francisco Somoza. The sweet is baked and covered with 70% wissau chocolate. They can be ordered at home (

The Mallorcan

Puerta de Sol, 8. Phone: 91 521 12 01. Price: 3.10 euros.

The torrijas of the emblematic centennial pastry shop are already a classic at this time, where tradition rules. They are made with a brioche bread made exclusively for them, kneaded and baked in the workshop. The slices are cut by hand and bathed in milk flavored with cinnamon and natural lemon zest. They are then passed through egg and finally fried and covered with sugar and cinnamon.


Several shops in Madrid. Price: 6,50 euros

The pastry chain has been making its traditional torrija with brioche bread for more than six decades. This year, in addition, it has released a limited edition of croissant dough with vanilla cream from Madagascar. They can be ordered at home (


Glorieta de Bilbao, 7. Tel: 910 88 25 25 . Price: 8 euros.

The chef Pepe Roch of the emblematic and historic restaurant has devised an original version of the traditional recipe of the torrija: caramelized on rice pudding. You can taste it on site or order at home.

Babbette's oven

Joaquin Lorenzo, 4. Phone: 911 419 649. Price: 7.50 euros

The chain of artisan bakeries once again offers its oven-made torrijas. Made with a bread without additives, with sourdough, they are infused with milk and cinnamon. Only in stores.


Palos de la Frontera,15. Tel.: 910 429 777. Price: 3,80 euros

Another classic that never fails. The century-old pastry shop offers its traditional torrijas made with bread, eggs, milk, sugar and a touch of cinnamon in its stores and for online orders. There are also gluten-free.

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