Croquettes and potato omelette are still a safe bet among the menus of the Spaniards. According to the second edition of the GastroEspaña Barometer prepared by Glovo, these two dishes of traditional gastronomy are the favorites in our country when ordering food at home. This year, in third place is the Russian salad, displacing the squid sandwich to the fourth position in this ranking of the most consumed recipes by users of the delivery firm in the more than 400 cities of the country where the application is available.

According to the study, Glovo users ordered close to one million croquettes during 2022, 82% more than the previous year. The preferred ones were ham, which accounted for 40% of all croquette orders. The remaining 60% is divided between varieties of chicken, oxtail, mushrooms, fish, prawns, sobrasada and gorgonzola. Bulltail saw a 134% increase in the number of orders compared to the previous year, becoming the third most demanded recipe. By provinces, Barcelona, Madrid and Valencia are the ones that most requested this dish.

Home orders for potato omelette registered an increase of 25% over the previous year, with nearly 500,000 units sold in Spain. By provinces, Madrid, Barcelona and Zaragoza lead the ranking. The classic dilemma of "with onion" and "without onion" is taking a back seat to the option of "truffle" or "without truffle". During the last year, truffles grew by 186%, that is, the number of orders almost tripled.

The salad reached the third position in the ranking with more than 220,000 units sold, 40% more in 2022. Huelva, Las Palmas and San Sebastián were the provinces in which this dish was most requested. For its part, the squid sandwich was in fourth place of the most ordered traditional dishes at home. By provinces, Las Palmas, Zaragoza and Madrid, led the ranking.

In the top five was the cachopo, a characteristic dish of Asturias, so Gijón and Oviedo are the towns that most demanded this recipe at home, followed by Avilés and Burgos, one of the places where this traditional dish has emerged the most.

The ranking of the 10 most demanded traditional foods at home last year is completed by paella, mainly traditional Valencian, cannelloni, salmorejo, Padrón peppers and tripe.

Stew and torrijas in Madrid

The people of Madrid agree with the rest of the Spaniards in terms of croquettes and potato omelette as their favorite traditional dishes to order at home, but it varies in terms of the third in the ranking. In this place was located the Madrid stew, with more than 15,000 rations delivered in the region in 2022. Another of the most demanded dishes at home in the region were scrambled eggs and, in fifth position, tripe.

As a curiosity, torrijas, for the second consecutive year, were once again positioned as one of the favorite desserts of the people of Madrid. In 2022, almost 6,000 torrijas were delivered, 54% more than in the previous year.

Below, the list with the traditional dishes most demanded by Spaniards at home in 2022:

1. Croquettes

2. Potato omelette

3. Salad

4. Squid sandwich

5. Cachopo


7. Cannelloni

8. Salmorejo

9. Standard peppers

10. Corns

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