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RS supports companies and relies on its 30 years of existence to help them on a daily basis, while innovating towards a future and more sustainable production systems.

RS, formerly RS Components, specializes in the design, construction and maintenance of industrial equipment and facilities. With an international logistics network that allows it to guarantee fast and efficient deliveries to simplify the lives of its customers, the platform is aimed at all profiles, from craftsmen to key accounts. Innovation, expertise and longevity are among the pillars of the brand, which continues to reinvent itself to adapt to our changing world.

Supporting companies

Semiconductors, interconnect, electromechanics, automation and control, test and measurement, tools and consumables... RS's scope is broad, and operational excellence is its priority. More than a distributor, RS is a partner of companies for their industrial projects.

People and the search for efficiency are key. They mark relationships with partners, suppliers, customers... Beyond the pure transaction, this is where the sense of service lies.

On the practical side, RS differentiates itself by offering, in addition to the basics, a complete range of services and digital solutions, to satisfy customers and manufacturers in an optimal way. In addition, partnerships with more than 130 manufacturers enable RS to offer the latest technological innovations at the best price.

Innovating for a more sustainable future

Our world is changing and we must follow it, without forgetting the CSR commitments essential to a more sustainable future. Thus, RS is committed through the action plan "ESG 2030: for a better world". As Lindsley Ruth, CEO of RS Group, explains, this is "an opportunity to leverage our global scale, quality products and services and differentiated offering to become stronger, drive sustainability and improve quality of life."

This requires a global participatory innovation approach. E-business solutions, inventory or maintenance solutions... Innovation is at the heart of the processes to steer the industrial sector towards a more responsible world.

RS is committed to net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 in its global operations and by 2050 across its value chain.

RS, an international group growing in France

The RS Group is present in 32 countries and has 1.2 million customers worldwide. The brand employs more than 7,500 people. Territorial anchoring is an essential element of the strategy.

Regarding the deployment of RS in France, Laurent Bouchez, Sales Support Manager, says: "We are committed to maintaining the links forged over the years, but also to building new partnerships with stakeholders in the Beauvaisien basin and its surroundings."

Thus, RS is committed to integrating products from the local industry into its range. In addition, the group supports initiatives around robotics, particularly through material donations. RS also supports schools that participate in the France Robotics Cup and the field of motor racing.

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