Nowadays, the classic cafeteria has given prominence to modern establishments of careful decoration, in which the coffee is taken care of in an outstanding way, they offer delicious pastries of first quality and you get the perfect atmosphere to enjoy a pleasant time with friends. This is our selection:

Religion Speciality Coffee

María de Molina, 24 and Príncipe de Vergara, 16. Tel. 91 069 82 21

It has two premises in Madrid, both in the Barrio de Salamanca, which share the same philosophy and a very similar decorative style, where a modern image, good taste and a minimalist air that gives all the attention to coffee prevail. To accompany their delicious Australian-style coffee, they have an extensive food menu in which there is no shortage of sourdough toasts; smoothie bowl; French Toast; Pancakes and their Aussie Chicken Waffle.


Wafer, 18.

It is the new premises of a company that started in 2017 by the hand of the Argentine Fede Graciano, ideologue of an establishment concept that pays homage to good coffee. The decoration is signed by the architecture studio Platea Estudio and its hallmark is the Nordic style that has managed to maintain the essence of what it was, maintaining the walls and shelves, but including modern touches to give it that touch of "less is more". Their croissant is among the best in town, followed closely by the pain au chocolat and cinnamon roll, or their famous turkish eggs.


St. Luke, 9.

It is a peculiar space that perfectly combines music with good coffee and natural kombuchas. Wrapped in a vintage decoration, it offers delicious homemade cakes, carrot cakes and delicious truffles, as well as original vinyl, precious earrings, small decorative objects and books. As they themselves describe, it is a place that evokes "a house of the 60s, in which to surround yourself with original furniture and listening to vinyl of the time. Discover a record that changes your day while sipping a select local roast coffee." As a plus, weekends have DJ sessions.

God Café

Galileo, 27. Instagram: @god_cafe

This new cafeteria in the Chamberí neighborhood is one of the latest openings in the city, and its essentials are, in addition to its vintage sofas, specialty coffees and a lot of delicious and addictive sweet Vanilla Bakery. Crossing its door is like going back to the past, because of its original retro style. Some of its specialties are salmon bagel, avocado toast, feta cheese, sun-dried tomatoes and seeds or granola bowl.

Osom Coffee Cantine

Moratín, 38, Bajo 3. Tel. 626 35 52 68

In the neighborhood of Las Letras, it is a sustainable coffee with pure lines, lots of light and excellent food, which stands out for a healthy and organic menu. The name means Great (Castilianized), implying the good vibes that this second space has, and whose difference with the first is that, in addition to having a breakfast menu, they have included another with dishes to snack that are simple proposals, based on products of proximity and quality, such as the humita of blue cheese and miso, or cassava with beetroot.

Natif Coffee & Kitchen

Sta. Teresa, 2, Bajo- Local 5. Tel. 674 44 63 55

Specialty coffees, international cuisine and quality pastries in a boho-chic style center. This is Natif's letter of introduction, which she receives with an open kitchen to show the transparent spirit of her owners. They offer breakfast, brunches and snacks, and two proposals of dishes at lunchtime, a vegetable option and a protein option. If this place stands out for something, it is for the pastries they make daily while stocks last. As a plus, Natif Coffee & Kitchen has a coworking.

Il Tavolo green

Villalar, 6. Tel. 918 05 15 12

A wonderful space that houses a slow café and an antic market. As its owners explain, "it is a concept, a way of seeing, feeling and acting". The space is divided into two areas, with one for catering, where you can enjoy good coffee and organic and sustainable food, highlighting the beet cake and eggs. The other space, the back room, is full of interesting furniture, lamps, chairs and decorative objects that the owner acquires in her multiple trips.

Arce Sisters

Marquis of Monasterio, 6. Tel. 91 870 85 93

This place in the neighborhood of Las Salesas was born from a recipe blog, to become a physical space for market cuisine with a Mediterranean base. Healthy, ecological and real cuisine, of slow life architecture, with a simple and relaxed atmosphere, where they make their own sourdough bread, jams, brioches, biscuits, pancakes and french toast. The decoration, the work of Christian de la Sotilla of the De La Arquitectura studio, is based on white and wood, personalized on a large communal table.

Neutral House

Regueros, 13 and Plaça de Catalunya, 2. Tel. 91 781 52 79

It is a café inspired by Mediterranean culture and conscious consumption, which has two stores in Madrid, one in Salesas and the other in the Berlin park area. Both have a minimalist aesthetic and offer a simple menu based on delicious dishes made with quality products. Pay attention to their fig toast, their belly sandwich, their sourdough bread or more elaborate dishes such as avocado with sprouts and sesame or salmon and zucchini. A bonus? They are dog friendly.

Hanso Cafe

Calle del Pez, 20. Phone 91 137 54 29

Specialized in coffee, they have oriental soul, Nordic aesthetics and quiet airs and a charming service. You should try their specialty Nordic roast coffee, as well as their irresistible sweets with Asian recipe. They have toast, bagels, porridge, hokkaido scrambled egg bikini and with cooked ham, turkey or bacon.


Castelló 77. Tel. 91 435 4240

It is one of the newest and is located within the Juan March Foundation. It is a coffee that maintains its appearance of the 60s, but incorporating more current elements, by the hand of the Plante Estudio studio. You can have breakfast or lunch, and take the opportunity to read the daily press, both national and international, such as The New York Times and Financial Times, among others.

Gosto Café

Leon, 30. Tel. 635 10 75 74

Light, wooden furniture and large windows in the neighborhood of letters, in this place you want to enjoy their specialty coffees, homemade pastries, toast and some bowls of the healthiest. It has menus for intolerant to some ingredient and vegetable milks. Experts say that their carrot cake is positioned among the best in the capital.

Drink Olavide Coffee

Santa Feliciana, 5. Tel. 91055 98 02

Sober place, with its own roast and delicious homemade food, it is a perfect option for breakfast, lunch or snack. In addition to an exquisite coffee, it is known in the neighborhood for its menu of sandwiches, toasts and delicious sandwiches starting with the most famous, roastbeef, consisting of good bread, rich and juicy meat and cheese.

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