Europe 1 with AFP 14:06 p.m., March 23, 2023

Education Minister Pap Ndiaye announced Thursday the opening of an administrative investigation by the General Inspectorate, following the death on Tuesday of a high school student, who succumbed to a heart attack in the middle of the baccalaureate exam.

This young man of 19 years, suffering from a heart pathology, died after a heart attack occurred during a specialty test of the baccalaureate within his establishment in Lille. "Following the death of a student of the Gaston-Berger high school in Lille, I seized the general inspectorate of an administrative investigation to clarify the conditions of his care before the arrival of the rescue," Pap Ndiaye wrote in a tweet.

A process launched via "a referral to the general inspectorate to assess the modalities of care for this student before the arrival of help and the management of the crisis situation within the establishment," says a press release from the Ministry of Education. "The results are expected within a month," he added.

Pap Ndiaye will visit the facility next Monday

Pap Ndiaye "wanted to exchange yesterday (Wednesday) with the family of the student to present his condolences, which he wishes to renew today to the entire educational community". "He will visit the facility on Monday afternoon, March 27," the statement said.

The prosecutor of the Republic of Lille Carole Etienne announced to AFP to have "ordered an investigation (...) in search of the causes of the death of the deceased student during the baccalaureate exams at the Lycée Gaston-Berger in order to define very precisely the causes and circumstances of the death".

The student was wearing a pacemaker

The student, schooled at the Gaston-Berger high school in the STMG (Science and Technology of Management and Management) final class, was composing at his table in the afternoon, with some 80 other high school students, when he collapsed, according to the rectorate. The emergency services were contacted "directly" and the teenager "immediately placed in a lateral safety position", assured the same source to AFP.

He was then transferred to the CHU of Lille where he died a few hours later, according to the association "A child, my battle", helping sick children, which had been following him since the age of 3. According to the association, the student had heart problems and was wearing a pacemaker.