The second installment of the Barrio de Salamanca is another great mix of sport, shopping and gastronomy that is worth taking into account if you plan a walk through this elegant Madrid district. These are our favorites.


Ayala, 26. Tel. 91 330 49 23

It is a brand of accessories Made in Spain and one hundred percent artisan, which also offers garments such as sweatshirts, cashmere sweaters and shirts. Created by Monti G. Benavides, it has managed to establish itself in the sector as a very much our brand, of clear Mediterranean inspiration. Monti explains that "we like to be part of the daily life of women, offering them, more than a good product, the feeling of belonging to a community that understands their needs, that respects their decisions." The new spring summer collection comes loaded with color, with half-heeled sandals, espadrilles and the Regina bag in fun tones.


Ayala, 19. Tel. 91 575 00 98

The king of the pincho was born in the late 40s, and is known for his specialty of tapas, made at the time and in continuous hours. They acquire most of the raw material they use in the neighboring and select Mercado de La Paz, and their menu has more than 60 varied tapas among which the "pajarito" (a tuna sandwich with mayonnaise), the German salad, the hake with mayonnaise, the ham croquette, the stuffed egg or the mythical potato omelette. Getting a place on the terrace is complicated, since there is always a queue, but going to have a snack at the bar is usually easier.


Claudio Coello, 73. Tel. 686 3035 35

It is a cult brand that fuses niche perfumes, makeup and a small and flirtatious line of bags that was founded in 2016 in Stockholm. The one in Madrid is the third establishment of the brand, after London and Paris. Its great peculiarity is the ability it has to evoke memories and emotions through its perfumes, which combine olfactory notes in a very creative way, offering smells that are already iconic, despite the youth of the brand. Names like Blanche, Bal dAfrique, La Tulipe or Gypsy Water are just a few examples.


Ayala, 28B. Tel. 91 435 07 43

Opened in 1882, it occupies a block with several entrances, and has become the epicenter of the neighborhood. It exhibits a traditional flavor, of the usual markets, but has modern and sophisticated touches. It houses 60 stalls, mostly fresh food, but leaving space for a sample of small businesses and services related to home and hospitality. In it you will find Sanabria Alimentación, known for its tuna empanadas, its small salmon sandwiches, its juicy muffins or its delicious sausages. Also the greengrocer Mari Carmen, with a variety of spectacular product; the herbalist Angela, who keeps a thousand and one herbs, or the gourmet croquettes of La Boulette. And another of its essentials, the Italian Matteo Cucina, attracts customers with a fresh pasta – to take there or take home – that delights anyone. Watch out for their tagliolini with burrata and truffle, and their ravioli di ricotta with truffle.


Lopez de Hoyos, 42. Tel. 91 563 14 85

Although it goes a little outside the "borders" of the neighborhood, it is worth visiting the new premises of the Cañadío group, which maintains the essence of this Santander group. It offers a traditional Cantabrian cuisine, but renovated, in a spacious place with a long bar and a terrace where you can have a snack or make a long after-dinner meal. We highlight from the menu its tortilla skewer, its rabas, its fritters, its fish and the puff pastry of Torrelavega.


Juan Bravo, 21. Tel. 91 268 05 88

Its delicious smell of freshly baked bread and pastries can be seen from the adjoining apples. It is a modern bakery run by a father and son, both named Javier Cocheteux, where you can buy artisan bread, pastries, cakes and quiches that rescue aromas, flavors and sensations of our childhood. Javier Jr. says that "we are a workshop that claims the raw material, the product and the good work. We use sourdough, organic flours, ground to stone, certified without additives and a lot of love for each of our products." Any of their creations are a delight, but without a doubt their award-winning roscón de reyes stands out, which they make all year round, and which they version in mini format with their famous "Delirios".


Maldonado, 33. Tel. 91 411 17 49

Half-hidden in a mezzanine, it is the place to go if you want to pamper your hair at all levels. Charo Palomo is a professional in the sector with many years of experience, who for a few years has had her own salon with such personalized attention that makes a difference. The big news? Charo is always creating and innovating and for a few months now has a hair spa consisting of a special room where, for a long hour, you receive a moisturizing hair treatment under a pleasant and relaxing music. It is a real way to disconnect the mind, since the use of the mobile phone during that time is almost prohibited.


Claudio Coello, 47, 1st Center. Tel. 91 014 37 51

The most fashionable jewelry of the moment exists, and it is called Suma Cruz. It is a space that serves as a shop, showroom and workshop in a different style, with hippie, fresh and adventurous touches inspired by the travels of the creator Susana herself, in her very personal aesthetics and her different vision of jewelry. Unique pieces that have the quality of combining perfectly with styles day and night, being one hundred percent versatile. Headbands, rings, necklaces, bracelets with a lot of personality, and the one hundred percent recognized seal of Suma. Another of his key pieces are the bridal headdresses, which as its author describes "are an authentic rock and roll of fairies and elves", the result of an admirable gift for mixing.


Ayala, 71, local Izquierdo. Tel. 91 285 98 65

Casa Barre arrived from Mexico to position itself as one of the top sports activities, since it is a study focused on the philosophy of lifeness life (perfect fusion between the fitness and wellness world). As Paola Alaman, founder of the space, explains, "it is a low-impact class, but with a lot of strength, resistance and cardio with two modalities, Interval, which is based on isotonic movements, and Resistance, based on isometric movements". With this activity that follows the movements of the ballet it is possible to stylize and lengthen the body, as well as tone the muscles.


Hermosilla, 4. Tel. 91 492 41 22

A charming place on the corner, with large windows to receive natural light that, with its simple and beautiful decoration, encourages you to enter and enjoy a rich evening. Because when there is passion and professionalism behind the kitchen, it is impossible not to enjoy. This is demonstrated by Marco Carboni and Alberto Ituarte, both chefs at the head of the project, who have managed to create a light, rich and succulent menu based on Mediterranean cuisine with a focus on artisanal and local products of fresh, organic and seasonal ingredients. Among his bestsellers are sobrasada pizza or cauliflower burned in chili paste and macadamia nut cream.


Claudio Coello, 48. Tel. 91 361 72 99

An authentic, traditional and artisan brand that reinvents the classics, capturing the essence of Street Style to offer an authentic, personal and timeless point of view of today's fashion. Its creators are the sisters Carlota and Beatriz, who bet on casual garments of neutral colors, valid for any time of the day. It's also a firm known for its good work with skin, which they say, "It's like a faithful friend, it ages with you and never loses its charm. Our star is the chocolate bag, an iconic model that has been with the brand for years."


Don Ramón de la Cruz, 17. Tel.699 69 73 86

A personalized mental training center. The creator of this one hundred percent Spanish method, Ana Ibañez, explains that it consists of "a spa and mental gym that uses neuroscience technology to develop people's brain capacities to the maximum". In its space, both children and adults are trained to get the best out of themselves, "using systems that combine neuropsychology with neuroscience. There are three programs, the wellness program that is to be calm and sleep; the concentration, ideal for students, and the high performance, aimed at professions that need to go further with their mind, such as elite athletes, "says Ana. Without a doubt, a good way to deal with the daily problems of today's society.


Castelló 77. Tel. 91 435 4240

It houses one of the largest exhibition halls in the city. It was created in 1955 with the mission of promoting culture in Spain. In its space exhibitions, concerts and conferences on art are organized, but its great novelty is the Café de La March, a cafeteria designed by the architect José Luis Picardo in 1975, which has just been renovated by Plante Estudio although maintaining its original cocktail appearance. In it you can have breakfast or lunch and its peculiarity is that it houses a bookstore with self-loan service, as well as a selection of national and international newspapers and magazines such as Le Monde, The New York Times and Financial Times, among others.

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