Madrid's luxury route is about to include a new landmark. JW Marriott opens this Monday 20 its expected five-star in Plaza Canalejas, where the opening of the Four Seasons swung the map of exclusivity in the capital, until then very located in the Barrio de Salamanca and its Golden Mile and that increasingly looks more to this traditionally very tourist enclave a step away from Sol and Gran Vía.

The inauguration of the hotel brings with it that of a new gastronomic space led by the Sandoval brothers, owners of Coque, two Michelin stars and a benchmark of haute cuisine in Madrid, and Coquetto. In this case, it can not be said that they open a restaurant, which also, because the new adventure of Mario, Juan Diego and Rafael covers the entire catering service of the establishment.

A breakfast in Coquetto by the CEO of Millenium Hospitality Real Estate, Javier Illán, was the beginning of a three-way collaboration between his company, owner of the property, the hotel giant Marriott, whose exclusivity in Spain belongs to Antonio Catalán (AC Hoteles), and the Saldovals.

"Javier loved our concept. The idea with which we started was to come to the Marriott with a new Coquetto, which we know is a proposal that works, very natural cuisine, made at the moment, that for us is also luxury, but we saw that this was a space that allowed us to do something fresher and more creative. It was an opportunity to create a new brand, intermediate between that and Coque. -the name of the restaurant- is something we needed, "they say at the same time, almost removing the word from their mouths, Mario and Juan Diego Sandoval.

Accustomed to serving lunch and dinner, in Qú they premiere on new fronts. One of them is to take care of room service, which makes Mario Sandoval an 'open 24 hours' chef, a responsibility that forces him to transmit the excellence of his cuisine to this peculiar offer and the effectiveness of his service to the staff that will serve, for example, at 3 in the morning on a Monday a bull burger , or prepare a private dinner on one of the large terraces available at the hotel with privileged views of the center of Madrid.

Panoramic view of one of the private terraces of the JW Marriott.

"Our waiters have received special instruction from Marriott on how to serve in the rooms; Juan Diego has been in charge of training the restaurant staff and I the kitchen staff, "says the chef before delving into the explanation of the other great challenge he faces in Qú: breakfasts.


"I want to offer one of the best breakfasts in Europe. I want that when the international directors of Marriott, even the president, have breakfast here they say: those of Madrid are tightening", starts Mario Sandoval, more traditional than ever, both in the final objective and in the initial approach, in which he assures that he made a "study of the highest quality food in Madrid" so that they were the basis of breakfast: He himself highlights "honey, jam, fruit or dairy". This foundation is joined by Spanish sausages such as loin, ham -all Cinco Jotas-, Italian specialties such as truffled mortadella or pastrami, an American area dedicated to Marriott's country of origin, with crepes, bagels, bacon, egg ... To drink, various types of juices, coffee and champagne.

"At breakfast I leave 80% of my energy in this project. The restaurant in Qú is a new concept but one that I master. This is a new strip for me and that's why I need to surround myself with professionals who know what this is."

Mario Sandoval, with a tray of freshly baked croissants.

Qú will have the baker Andrés Lesmes and the pastry chef Juanjo López as responsible for the first service of the day, which will start at 6.30 in the morning for early bird guests but that from well before will be working in the basement of the hotel. As if it were a beehive, in a set of small rooms will be produced in an absolutely artisanal way the breads and pastries -croissants, brioches, donuts ...- that will go up freshly made to the dining room of the hotel. Shipments of churros will also arrive throughout the morning from the nearby Chocolatería San Ginés.

In addition to entering new areas, the agreement with Marriott and Millenium Group will allow the Sandoval family to deploy its craft on a stage with several hot spots. One of them is the lobby bar, where Coque's high cocktail bar will have a continuation thanks to the Subtirica brothers, described by their bosses as "liquid cooks". "We have prepared a very special cocktail menu, people will like to come and have a drink here," they say. "And at good prices," they emphasize.

Hotel lobby bar, where cocktails will be served.

But it is in the living room and kitchen that the brothers are really comfortable. A tableware of exclusive creation of La Cartuja, Riedel glasses, cutlery and napkins always hot... everything in Qú is designed to achieve the maximum enjoyment of the client and the comfort of the staff when working.


And the suckling pig? It is the flag of the house and Mario Sandoval almost squares up to talk about him: "The suckling pig, always. It is the basis of who we are. The suckling pig is sustainability, it is raw material, it is craftsmanship. He comes with us, of course." The creation for which the chef is known in half the world will be the culmination of a tasting menu whose price will range between 90 and 120 euros, but which will not be the only option for the diner, since you can also eat from the menu, with individual dishes or to share. Here, as in any luxury hotel, there will be the possibility for the most comfortable pockets to enjoy high-priced products, such as caviar.

The other pillar on which the tradition initiated in the original Coke of Humanes is based is wine. Here Juan Diego starts: "We have an ecological, modern and fun menu, with small producers and a very good quality-price, Rafael has put a lot of effort into it; In total there are more than 500 references, but we have not gone crazy, there is a balance between reds, whites and champagnes". And Rafael concludes: "We focus on the most important wine countries: France, Spain, Italy, Germany and the United States. And then more distant denominations, such as Chile and Australia. We have opened the menu so that all customers have the opportunity to enjoy it."

View of the dining room of Qú, where breakfast, lunch and dinner will be served.

"The hotel is already at 70% occupancy in April. Marriott has told us that they have never opened a hotel with that occupation already sold. This is because of how the city is. For those who are here and for the brands that are arriving, such as Robuchon, Nobu, Hakkasan... This happened in London and lasted 40 years, it happened in Paris and it lasted another 40 years, Madrid is now the capital of the world of gastronomy, "Mario and Juan Diego run over each other again, excited as children before the stage that opens to them in the most fashionable place in the city.

"Qú is a concept designed for the international client who visits the hotel and also for the Madrilenian, because it is a ticket according to what is currently being paid in the capital. It is a proposal where the base is the producers of Madrid, the vegetables of our land, the meat of the Sierra de Guadarrama, and it is so because the tourist who comes from outside is interested in knowing how we are, "explains Mario.

Three days before opening their doors, the brothers feel the tingle before the new adventure but show the serenity that experience and success give. With our feet bolted to Madrid – "Coque is the cornerstone of everything, we are always at least two of the brothers, we have fit the week to group the services there and have time for these projects" – but with high sights and a desire to go abroad: "Qú is designed to work, with small adaptations, in Paris, London, Milan... is a concept that wants to travel, hand in hand with Marriott, to other cities, the challenge is to turn Qú into a Spanish brand that triumphs abroad".

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