The Allard Club returns in style to the capital's gastronomic scene. The new stage of the kitchen comes from the hand of the 'starry' chef Martín Berasategui and already has a start date: next March 28. That day the restaurant of the stately Casa Gallardo building will reopen to recover the place of honor that this space deserves in Madrid and Spanish gastronomy. The Basque chef is the one with the most Michelin stars (12) in Spain and currently one of the three chefs in the world with the most stars of the prestigious guide. In addition, 12 Soles Repsol complete their brilliant curriculum.

The restaurant arrives with the intention of transferring the essence of Berasategui's cuisine through its most significant dishes, a reflection of the endless and sensory culinary universe of this chef. Commanded by the head chef José María Goñi, the new stage starts with two tasting menus, one long, of thirteen passes, and another short, of ten. In a month the menu will also start working.

Among the essential recipes of its restaurants in Lasarte and Barcelona, there will be its lobster salad, with more than 17 vegetables or the sirloin with chard and foie. Along with some of its classics there will be a selection of dishes created exclusively for your new Madrid home, such as caramelized cutlet fat teardrop peas with sea urchin and clarified broth broth broth based on pork trotter ramen.

One of the rooms of the Allard Club.

"We landed in Madrid with great enthusiasm and all the ambition, but with humility and respect for a city that, in terms of gastronomy and personally, has always been an example for me and has my total admiration. We arrived with the best arsenal, with dishes from our house, the best suppliers in Spain and with a young and very prepared team. We want El Club Allard to recover what, by right and trajectory, is theirs: a place of weight in the culinary history of our country, "said Berasategui.

For his part, José María Goñi (Donosti, 1990), a disciple of Martín and with a solid career in Spain and Asia, arrives at El Club Allard as a standard-bearer "of the cuisine of refined bases and perfect execution that Martín raises in one of the most demanding gastronomic capitals, and that requires a very high level".

The Allard Club is a landmark in the culinary history of the capital. With chef Diego Guerrero, he achieved two Michelin stars (2007 and 2011). Then took over María Marte, his right hand and who had entered to do cleaning work in the restaurant, who kept the two stars and kept them until in 2018 he left the project. There ended the idyll between the Red Guide and The Allard Club. The Allard Club opened in 1998, initially for members only, although it opened to the public in 2003.

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